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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1668 No .egg file for agrep defect major someday extensions
#351 No author for 3viewer felix winkelmann defect minor extensions
#666 No food jokes enhancement minor 4.9.0 infrastructure
#1651 Non-toplevel define error in C5 foof-loop defect major 5.2 expander
#579 Numbers egg does not compute the same result as other schemes sjamaan defect critical 4.9.0 core libraries
#734 Numbers egg ignores #e and #i defect major 4.9.0 unknown
#692 Numbers egg won't build on Cygwin under 4.7.0 defect major 4.9.0 unknown
#953 Numbers-egg version of signum should accept complex numbers sjamaan enhancement major someday extensions
#1016 Numerator and denominator don't work on inexact numbers defect major someday unknown
#362 Official CHICKEN capitalization task major 4.10.0 unknown
#1514 On Windows, chicken-install uses .o as an extension in some cases defect major 5.0 extensions
#1479 On Windows, custom-build will try to use the UNIX script defect critical 5.0 build system
#1658 One bug left with rest-argument optimizations defect major 5.2 compiler
#192 Only the last clause in COND may be an ELSE clause defect minor 4.5.0 compiler
#1630 Optimizer sometimes incorrectly drops procedure arguments defect major 5.2 compiler
#1602 POSIX permission definitions are wrong defect major 5.1 core libraries
#1298 Packaging in OpenEmbedded and Arch broken by CHICKEN 4.11.0 defect major 4.12.0 core tools
#1344 Panic on "invalid encoded numeric literal" error on 64-bit Windows defect major 4.13.0 unknown
#1255 Parallel signal dispatch may corrupt the stack limit defect major someday core libraries
#196 Parameter to specify CSS for wiki pages sjamaan enhancement major extensions
#86 Port SDL egg to chicken 4 enhancement not urgent at all extensions
#1761 Port interface in z3 egg defect minor someday extensions
#88 Port of cairo.egg to chicken4 enhancement not urgent at all extensions
#1269 Port or reader state corruption defect critical 4.11.0 core libraries
#1086 Port srfi-40's documentation to wiki format task minor someday documentation
#978 Ports don't keep track of "column" anymore - restore this sjamaan defect not urgent at all someday core libraries
#1367 Possible memory leak related to mutexes defect not urgent at all 4.13.0 core libraries
#1068 Possible regression: kanren: Error: unbound variable: move1330613308 defect major 4.9.0 unknown
#342 Post-migration README fixes felix winkelmann defect major documentation
#343 Post-migration make-egg-rss-feed.scm fixes felix winkelmann defect major core tools
#344 Post-migration wiki2html.scm fix felix winkelmann defect major unknown
#1115 Potentially bogus scrutinizer warning "expected in `let' binding of `x' a single result, but were given 3 results" defect major 4.11.0 unknown
#45 Prefixed imports from `chicken' module can not refer to buddy syntax felix winkelmann defect major expander
#181 Problems installing eggs on Mac OS X with Chicken 4.3.7 defect major compiler
#1220 Problems with chicken-status -f after using chicken-install -p Christian Kellermann defect minor someday unknown
#634 Profiler does not work correctly on recursive procedures felix winkelmann defect minor compiler
#795 Properly document srfi-63 task not urgent at all documentation
#291 Put all copyrights & licenses in one place felix winkelmann task major documentation
#329 Put robots.txt handling into qwiki sjamaan defect minor wiki
#594 QT egg fails to install to custom locations because some paths are wrongly hardcoded defect major unknown
#439 Quasiquote simplification and improved syntax checks felix winkelmann change request minor expander
#685 R5RS evaluation environments still contain some non-std bindings felix winkelmann defect major 4.9.0 expander
#1697 R7RS cond-expand library form is broken defect major someday unknown
#1360 README instructions for building from git suggest setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH defect major 4.13.0 unknown
#253 README mentions the subversion repo for Chicken defect minor documentation
#248 Readline egg will not build without libtermcap felix winkelmann defect major extensions
#1782 Reduce number of Windows configurations by removing Cygwin support task major 5.4 build system
#1757 Reexport behaving inconsistently defect major 5.3 unknown
#442 Reloading .so files defect major unknown
#103 Remove obsolete files task minor core-pending
#246 Remove or seriously update the "Software" page Mario Domenech Goulart defect minor documentation
#1098 Remove the apply limit wrt the number of arguments defect minor 5.0 unknown
#1261 Rename the module exported by the kanren egg Alex Shinn task major someday extensions
#1563 Renaming issue with "the" defect major 5.1 expander
#546 Renaming spock's <script>? felix winkelmann enhancement minor extensions
#381 Report the top-level binding that an error occurs in felix winkelmann enhancement major 4.9.0 expander
#1152 Reserved pattern symbols break when a binding of the same name exists Alex Shinn defect major someday extensions
#1758 Rest-argument optimization related internal compiler error defect major 5.3 compiler
#1688 Restore -l option for chicken-install defect major 5.4 core tools
#703 Restructure core libraries defect major 5.0 core libraries
#1551 Review of code examples in C5 manual needed defect minor someday documentation
#1283 Runaway stack problem defect critical 4.11.0 core libraries
#1337 Runtime crashes on C callbacks defect major 4.12.0 core libraries
#995 SDL on OSX, How does it work ? defect major someday unknown
#743 SIGINT handling in csi on Windows possibly broken felix winkelmann defect major 4.9.0 core tools
#967 SRFI 19 TZ offset & name do not need to match Kon Lovett defect minor someday unknown
#322 SRFI 88 violation of keyword v symbol felix winkelmann task minor core libraries
#870 SRFI-13's string comparison procedures return integers defect major core libraries
#298 SRFI-18 time objects store time span as fixnums, which can overflow defect critical core libraries
#187 SRFI-4 vector operations should be provided as ##core#inline calls felix winkelmann enhancement minor core libraries
#377 STATICBUILD doesn't seem to run on cygwin defect minor unknown
#267 Salmonella sometimes prints [ok] when an egg could not be installed Mario Domenech Goulart defect major extensions
#1533 Scrutinizer seems to get confused about list length defect major 5.0 scrutinizer
#1039 Scrutinizer's behaviour differs between (list-of x) and (list x) defect major 4.9.0 scrutinizer
#892 Segfault on insanely long lists defect critical 4.9.0 unknown
#1689 Segfault when calling the procedure bound in a named let with wrong number of arguments defect major 5.3 compiler
#975 Segmentation fault when accessing/setting moderately large SRFI-4 vectors defect critical 4.9.0 compiler
#1666 Separate library into safe and unsafe parts enhancement minor 5.4 core libraries
#299 Should "Getting Started" (manual) mention bind instead of easyffi? enhancement minor documentation
#811 Should "chicken" go into $PREFIX/libexec? task not urgent at all build system
#1470 Should -analyze-only imply -specialize? task minor 5.2 compiler
#1484 Should csc-options be valid at the top level too? enhancement not urgent at all 5.0 build system
#1638 Signal handling and parameters defect major 5.3 unknown
#1122 Some compiler rewrites marked "safe" are really unsafe defect major 4.11.0 compiler
#355 Some eggs break with 4.6.0rc1 felix winkelmann defect major extensions
#1028 Some glm tests fail kristianlm defect minor someday unknown
#1620 Some let bindings are not replaced resulting in unnecessary CPS calls defect major 5.2 compiler
#492 Some more posixunix.scm functions felix winkelmann enhancement not urgent at all core libraries
#1493 Something goes haywire while walking ##core#define-syntax defect major 5.0 expander
#1440 Something goes wrong when generating inline file for module using foregin-lambda* defect not urgent at all someday compiler
#854 Sometimes additional import libraries are exported when using the -j switch felix winkelmann defect minor 4.9.0 compiler
#1214 Specialization on certain `or' types doesn't work evhan defect minor someday scrutinizer
#1690 Specializations using "and" (and/or other macros) don't work properly defect major 5.3 unknown
#1822 Specification of minimal required version of CHICKEN in egg files defect major 6.0.0 core tools
#340 Spiffy hangs occasionally (again!) defect critical wiki
#1073 Spiffy should signal request-header-fields-too-large upon (exn http line-limit-exceeded) sjamaan defect major someday extensions
#448 Spiffy: allow code to be executed after dropping privileges and before accepting connections enhancement major 4.9.0 extensions
#215 Split "Modules and macros" into "Modules" and "Macros" felix winkelmann task minor documentation
#537 Stalin's tests don't run when using a chicken that's not in $PATH felix winkelmann defect minor extensions
#1196 Static compilation doesn't respect $LIBDIR. defect major someday build system
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