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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1456 Get rid of chicken.posix import library defect major 5.0 unknown
#1459 segfault violation with thread-sleep! on a flonums defect major someday unknown
#1490 csi: Modules leak identifiers defect minor someday unknown
#1575 utf8-srfi-13-string-every returns #f with empty string defect major 5.2 unknown
#1578 apropos does not filter internal & keywords properly Kon Lovett defect major 5.1 unknown
#1592 color: installation error caused by modifications in CHICKEN defect major someday unknown
#1601 Infinite continuation loop corrupts stack(?) defect minor 5.1 unknown
#1627 Negative zero literals are miscompiled defect minor 6.0.0 unknown
#1633 define-record-type does not check constructor arguments sjamaan defect major 5.2 unknown
#1638 Signal handling and parameters defect major 5.3 unknown
#1640 test defect major someday unknown
#1641 another test defect major someday unknown
#1645 Invalid letrec usage hangs the compiler felix winkelmann defect minor 5.2 unknown
#1646 ck-macros egg tests fail due to unknown ck-wrapper identifier defect major 5.2 unknown
#1687 installation may produce *.defaults version mismatch defect minor 5.3 unknown
#1690 Specializations using "and" (and/or other macros) don't work properly defect major 5.3 unknown
#1697 R7RS cond-expand library form is broken defect major someday unknown
#1712 Incorporate relevant env vars into build cachebusting, maybe enhancement not urgent at all someday unknown
#1717 coops — slot-initialized? defect major someday unknown
#1720 r7rs "write" procedure does not escape "invalid" symbols defect major 6.0.0 unknown
#1725 Chicken 5 accepts 2-argument log function, but the type database does not. defect major 5.3 unknown
#1727 chicken-install srfi-18 fails on Windows defect major 5.3 unknown
#1753 macOS case-insesitive fs resolves C++ <version> to chicken-install generated VERSION file defect major someday unknown
#1756 module system segfaulting at O3 defect critical 5.3 unknown
#1757 Reexport behaving inconsistently defect major 5.3 unknown
#1760 IR-transformer not implicitly renaming? defect major someday unknown
#1765 enable-warnings time-travelling shenanigans defect not urgent at all someday unknown
#1771 Except specificier in imports defect major 5.3 unknown
#1772 importing the same module over and over eats up more and more memory defect major 5.3 unknown
#1781 http-client: Always include a path component when sending a proxy request sjamaan defect major someday unknown
#1785 csc man page lists -static-libs but -static is the correct option defect major someday unknown
#1791 format-date reports bad argument count Kon Lovett defect major someday unknown
#1794 (r7rs) syntax-rules doesn't allow combining ellipsis and dotted tail defect major 6.0.0 unknown
#1809 Allow modules with list names on command-line enhancement major 5.4 unknown
#1817 explore using zig as a c-compiler alternative enhancement not urgent at all 6.0.0 unknown
#847 ##sys#foreign-pointer-argument is declared to accept a pointer only, but is possibly invoked with a boolean defect major 4.9.0 scrutinizer
#868 scrutinizer makes too strong assumptions about mutable data felix winkelmann defect critical 4.9.0 scrutinizer
#873 allow user types to specify argument-type enforcement felix winkelmann enhancement not urgent at all scrutinizer
#898 scrutinizer gives spurious warnings when given too many type hints defect minor scrutinizer
#918 lolevel test fails with -scrutinize felix winkelmann defect major 4.9.0 scrutinizer
#948 scrutiny for list-of type seems wrong felix winkelmann defect minor someday scrutinizer
#952 scrutiny for list-of type wrong when matched with pair types felix winkelmann defect minor someday scrutinizer
#1039 Scrutinizer's behaviour differs between (list-of x) and (list x) defect major 4.9.0 scrutinizer
#1063 scrutiny-tests-2.scm contains a bad test but it passes anyway! defect critical 4.9.0 scrutinizer
#1198 Allow `the` to override inferred types enhancement minor 4.10.0 scrutinizer
#1214 Specialization on certain `or' types doesn't work evhan defect minor someday scrutinizer
#1216 string-ref specialization elides range check defect critical 4.11.0 scrutinizer
#1219 read-char could be better optimized enhancement major 5.0 scrutinizer
#1258 At higher optimization levels, some scrutiny warnings disappear defect minor 5.2 scrutinizer
#1375 Invalid type syntax for pair segfaults the compiler defect critical 4.13.0 scrutinizer
#1430 local binding should not trigger scrutinizer warning defect major 5.0 scrutinizer
#1533 Scrutinizer seems to get confused about list length defect major 5.0 scrutinizer
#1649 foreign-lambda annotates return type without considering retconvert from define-foreign-type defect major 5.2 scrutinizer
#25 chicken-install does not order egg version properly felix winkelmann defect critical infrastructure
#53 henrietta list operation does not work felix winkelmann defect major infrastructure
#55 Tests use egg repository from PREFIX felix winkelmann defect major infrastructure
#78 figure out branch policy for seperating bugfixes and enhancements felix winkelmann task major infrastructure
#112 "Trivial" is not an indicator for "Priority" enhancement not urgent at all infrastructure
#148 build release snapshots from tag Ivan Raikov defect major infrastructure
#214 NEWS for 4.4.5 and 4.4.6 are the same defect minor infrastructure
#236 extend "list" command for henrietta CGI enhancement minor infrastructure
#247 Chicken domains revamp Mario Domenech Goulart task major infrastructure
#259 when commiting to the svn repo, the post-commit hook seems to fail Mario Domenech Goulart defect major infrastructure
#270 Wiki menu task major infrastructure
#307 svn-client remembers the first username sjamaan defect critical infrastructure
#311 wiki page rendering issue in "eggs" page sjamaan defect major infrastructure
#312 suggestions for more "semantic tags" in the wiki parser sjamaan enhancement not urgent at all infrastructure
#327 chicken-install is PARTIALLY DOWN defect major infrastructure
#334 turn henrietta into an extension task minor infrastructure
#349 think about keeping statistics of explicit extension downloads enhancement not urgent at all infrastructure
#370 Chicken web site rendering is too slow Moritz Heidkamp defect critical infrastructure
#383 update bootstrap binaries task major infrastructure
#393 chicken-install error when explicit verno & > 1 extension defect minor 4.9.0 infrastructure
#427 salmonella does not report errors in .meta files. defect minor infrastructure
#483 license information in dependency graph for salmonella report Mario Domenech Goulart enhancement minor infrastructure
#591 make-egg-index hides invalid eggs felix winkelmann defect major infrastructure
#644 make release-build more reliable task major infrastructure
#666 No food jokes enhancement minor 4.9.0 infrastructure
#695 Minor gcc warning from runtime.c sjamaan defect not urgent at all 4.9.0 infrastructure
#782 setup a continously running salmonella instance for the "prerelease" chicken-core branch Mario Domenech Goulart enhancement minor 4.9.0 infrastructure
#1680 henrietta ignores dotfiles defect not urgent at all someday infrastructure
#8 wrap up high-load scheduler as egg enhancement major extensions
#14 tab completion for scheme identifiers throws error in readline egg defect major extensions
#22 complete s48-modules felix winkelmann defect minor extensions
#24 port ncurses egg to chicken4 enhancement minor extensions
#28 remove dependency on srfi-1 in ftl extension task minor extensions
#32 get tinyclos egg for chicken 4 to work Tony Sidaway defect major extensions
#48 port json, packrat and z3 to chicken 4 felix winkelmann task major extensions
#58 Local definition of fold overwrites srfi-1 definition felix winkelmann defect critical extensions
#76 numbers egg comparison of a bignum & a flonum can be incorrect defect major extensions
#77 Be more verbose in chicken-install when requiring a minimum version felix winkelmann enhancement minor extensions
#79 z3.egg eof handling bug Tony Sidaway defect major extensions
#81 z3 egg error handling bug Tony Sidaway defect major extensions
#82 z3 egg DEFLATE and gzip confusion Tony Sidaway defect minor extensions
#86 Port SDL egg to chicken 4 enhancement not urgent at all extensions
#87 http-client cookiejar sjamaan defect major extensions
#88 Port of cairo.egg to chicken4 enhancement not urgent at all extensions
#89 mw egg documentation Tony Sidaway enhancement minor extensions
#90 Compiled SLIB support Tony Sidaway task minor extensions
#91 reorganize egg repository to cut down working copy size task major extensions
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