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#13 chicken-install fails with TCP connect timeout felix winkelmann defect critical 4.9.0 core tools
#511 Syntax-rules expansion uses unprefixed identifiers which can be captured by module imports felix winkelmann defect critical 4.9.0 expander
#579 Numbers egg does not compute the same result as other schemes sjamaan defect critical 4.9.0 core libraries
#910 Failure with many arguments on amd64 felix winkelmann defect critical 4.9.0 core libraries
#1433 Static egg linkling seems to be broken defect critical 5.0 core libraries
#83 artificially constructed identifiers are not recognized as exports felix winkelmann defect major expander
#135 load & CHICKEN_INCLUDE_PATH for chicken 4 defect major compiler
#146 several char-sets seem to be broken defect major core libraries
#167 implement new build system task major build system
#210 library directory used in csc not always correct on 64-bit systems felix winkelmann defect major core tools
#241 `(set! (setter X) ...)' crashes when given non-procedure defect major unknown
#267 Salmonella sometimes prints [ok] when an egg could not be installed Mario Domenech Goulart defect major extensions
#364 convert all egg directories to the correct layout defect major extensions
#376 chicken-install panic on Windows/cygwin: nursery is too small felix winkelmann defect major 4.9.0 core tools
#425 poll test task major 4.9.0 unknown
#481 srfi-19 incorrectly using getenv in experimental branch klovett@… defect major extensions
#520 Dev snapshots not built correctly through bootstrap compiler defect major compiler
#524 chicken-install -deploy does not copy internal eggs/units Christian Kellermann defect major 4.9.0 unknown
#615 openssl dies after about a day defect major unknown
#648 slatex is horribly broken under Chicken 4.7.0 sjamaan defect major 4.9.0 expander
#660 bloom-filter tests: error and segfault Kon Lovett defect major extensions
#678 bug in specialized-io egg Jeronimo Pellegrini defect major extensions
#696 Stock 4.7.0 chicken cannot compile current trunk defect major compiler
#707 ##sys#file-info needs to signal an error if the fstat syscall goes bad defect major 4.9.0 core libraries
#709 Development process problem: the self-dependency loop in the compiler is too tight defect major 4.9.0 compiler
#714 Bus error on sparc64 running OpenBSD defect major unknown
#726 produces "500 Internal Server Error". sjamaan defect major wiki
#740 "-d0" is accepted as number syntax on some systems defect major 4.12.0 unknown
#744 spock: implement non-trivial example and test on all platforms felix winkelmann task major extensions
#788 #e1.0000000000000001 evaluates to 1.0 with numbers on the REPL sjamaan defect major 4.9.0 extensions
#790 musl support enhancement major build system
#797 eggs that are misusing the assert macro juergen defect major extensions
#821 bloom-filter's test failure: Error: call of non-procedure: #<unspecified> Kon Lovett defect major extensions
#826 srfi-63 is intended to be compiled in case-insensitive mode Ivan Raikov defect major extensions
#863 transparent handling of executable file-suffix for "make" extension defect major extensions
#909 strange behaviour with define-record and modules defect major 4.9.0 core libraries
#961 option quoting in csc is a complete mess defect major someday core tools
#962 Cygwin can't load Chicken units properly on my system defect major 5.0 unknown
#1050 chicken-install doesn't check that dependencies installed satisfy the version constraint in the (depends ...) clause defect major 5.2 core tools
#1078 letrec* can be done as Chicken letrec defect major someday unknown
#1126 signal-diagram: installation failure: reference to possibly unbound identifier `sf' Ivan Raikov defect major someday extensions
#1164 posix-shm: Error: (car) bad argument type: "" when shm-test return #f Ivan Raikov defect major someday extensions
#1196 Static compilation doesn't respect $LIBDIR. defect major someday build system
#1329 try-compile: optional argument to specify output file enhancement major 4.12.0 unknown
#1368 Command line options for adding directories to include-path should prepend, not append defect major 5.0 core tools
#1389 case-lambda expects 2 arguments defect major someday unknown
#1426 test-finalizers may break in interpreted mode when importing posix felix winkelmann defect major 5.1 core libraries
#1462 srfi-4 unit should support s64 and u64 vectors in Chicken 5 defect major 5.0 core libraries
#1469 Egg installation doesn't work when CHICKEN_INSTALL_REPOSITORY is a relative path defect major 5.0 core tools
#1536 chicken-install includes the CHICKEN version twice in the path for scheme-include defect major 5.0 build system
#1545 apropos symbol-table pollution Kon Lovett defect major 5.1 extensions
#1723 exports of (chicken module) are not obvious defect major 5.4 documentation
#1791 format-date reports bad argument count Kon Lovett defect major someday unknown
#1793 r7rs incompatibility regarding identifier renames in macro expansion defect major 6.0.0 expander
#1822 Specification of minimal required version of CHICKEN in egg files defect major 6.0.0 core tools
#36 chicken-install w/ local transport fails defect minor core tools
#37 refactor posix*.scm files task minor core libraries
#110 CHICKEN_interrupt() may not work in certain situations defect minor core libraries
#218 random not random defect minor core libraries
#245 Update "Chicken Hackers Guide" wiki page defect minor documentation
#335 the wiki doesn't render properly on Google Chrome on MacOS defect minor wiki
#377 STATICBUILD doesn't seem to run on cygwin defect minor unknown
#387 import without warnings enhancement minor 4.9.0 expander
#417 the cross development manual page is not reachable in the wiki defect minor 4.9.0 wiki
#443 #!rest and #!key are not internally consistent defect minor 4.9.0 core libraries
#613 get rid of ##sys#alias-global-hook task minor expander
#666 No food jokes enhancement minor 4.9.0 infrastructure
#758 sql-de-lite procedures to key and rekey a sqlcipher-ed db Jim Ursetto enhancement minor extensions
#841 tuples and skiplists: Many warnings (probably due to the contracts egg) juergen defect minor extensions
#853 coops: redefining things breaks methods felix winkelmann defect minor extensions
#859 strip import specifiers defect minor expander
#911 ,m still mixes up namespaces and renamings defect minor 4.9.0 core tools
#951 print-length-limit defect minor someday core libraries
#1463 (use foo) depends on rigid conventions that can and should be relaxed enhancement minor someday core libraries
#1617 Add -D/-feature to chicken-install enhancement minor 5.1 core tools
#1627 Negative zero literals are miscompiled defect minor 6.0.0 unknown
#134 find-files traverses symlinks defect not urgent at all core libraries
#237 extend chicken-install functionality enhancement not urgent at all core tools
#262 quickref mode for chicken-doc Jim Ursetto enhancement not urgent at all extensions
#492 Some more posixunix.scm functions felix winkelmann enhancement not urgent at all core libraries
#675 pastiche needs a better database scheme Christian Kellermann defect not urgent at all extensions
#1712 Incorporate relevant env vars into build cachebusting, maybe enhancement not urgent at all someday unknown
#1765 enable-warnings time-travelling shenanigans defect not urgent at all someday unknown
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