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#125 cross-chicken should prefer loading uncompiled import libraries assigned defect 5.1 minor
#258 z3 egg improvements new zbigniew enhancement minor
#377 STATICBUILD doesn't seem to run on cygwin assigned defect minor
#423 chicken-uninstall -s leaves unicode-char-sets in lib/chicken/5 assigned ashinn defect minor
#739 Allow more specific foreign types new felix enhancement minor
#747 coops: integrate primitive type classes new felix task minor
#749 honu: handle octal format escapes in string literals new defect minor
#752 test and document qt-light enhancements by satosi new task minor
#757 provide ##core#inline-routines for cheap SRFI-4 vector primitives new felix enhancement 5.1 minor
#784 ssax's `ssax:warn' ignores its first argument (port) new defect minor
#872 run finalizers in a dedicated thread new task minor
#934 improve documentation for functors and named interfaces new defect someday minor
#938 Feature Request: Load type files for units assigned felix enhancement 5.1 minor
#951 print-length-limit new defect someday minor
#985 read-line blocks intermittantly on Atom based netbook assigned kiatoa defect someday minor
#1007 socket egg: socket-close should track closed status new zbigniew defect someday minor
#1148 Fix setup-helper usage in eggs new defect someday minor
#1159 Handle -debug h without a source file new defect 5.1 minor
#1162 gethostbyname() is deprecated in favour of getaddrinfo() new enhancement someday minor
#1176 Support capturing multiple value type in `forall`, etc. new enhancement someday minor
#1215 Warn about too specific type declarations new enhancement someday minor
#1220 Problems with chicken-status -f after using chicken-install -p reopened ckeen defect someday minor
#1233 hexgrid: test failure new estevo defect someday minor
#1258 At higher optimization levels, some scrutiny warnings disappear new defect 5.1 minor
#1276 alist-lib alist-update!/default not useful for adding keys assigned klutometis defect someday minor
#1286 define-constant and define-inline should shadow imported identifiers new enhancement 5.1 minor
#1302 Syntax error for csc -postlude '(main)' new defect someday minor
#1310 feathers: show number of debug-events for each line new felix enhancement someday minor
#1311 feathers: Implement "Next" new enhancement someday minor
#1339 char-ready? returns #f even when input is available new defect 5.1 minor
#1340 Unable to compile a mathh gama instruction at or above optimize-level 3 new defect 5.1 minor
#1348 improvement to manual pages new defect someday minor
#1354 Clean up the expander a bit new sjamaan task 5.1 minor
#1365 bitwise-not returns wrong values on non-negative arguments new defect 4.14.0 minor
#1370 Build-dependencies between import libraries and core units don't seem to be completely right new defect 5.1 minor
#1371 locative table is only grown, never shrunk new defect 5.1 minor
#1379 Improve "heap-shrinkage" rate new defect someday minor
#1382 sql-de-lite ignores new versions of sqlite3 on Cygwin new zbigniew defect someday minor
#1383 Add unexport form for modules new enhancement someday minor
#1388 Enable clustering and lfa2 at lower optimisation levels new enhancement 5.1 minor
#1407 salt (tests): cannot open file - No such file or directory: "tests/vdp.sml" new iraikov defect someday minor
#1427 gochan's test failure new kristianlm defect someday minor
#1436 Don't disable inline file generation with -O5 (disable-interrupts) new change request someday minor
#1452 [test egg]: test-group eats the call-chain on error new defect someday minor
#1470 Should -analyze-only imply -specialize? new task 5.1 minor
#1476 (scrutinizer) Should global types be smashed in local contexts? new task 5.1 minor
#1481 compiler type warning (but no need for a warning) new defect someday minor
#1491 ##sys#expand-multiple-values-assignment works for some reason new defect someday minor
#1492 egg format: `components' accepts but ignores `csc-options' new defect someday minor
#1499 srfi-42: tests: Error: unbound variable: fx> new iraikov defect someday minor
#1501 datatype: tests: unbound variable: ->string new iraikov defect someday minor
#1523 srf-113 0.9: test failure: unbound variable: hash-table-exists? new DeeEff defect someday minor
#1526 gochan: test failure: 10ms messages for 105ms means 10 messages: expected 10 but got 11 new kristianlm defect someday minor
#1537 Add unboxing pass new felix enhancement 5.1 minor
#1541 Use reentrant library functions, if available new defect someday minor
#1544 apropos duplicate symbol-module-macro in output accepted kon defect someday minor
#1549 internet-message: tests: missing dependency on srfi-13 new iraikov defect someday minor
#1551 Review of code examples in C5 manual needed new defect someday minor
#1557 openssl load system certs new chust enhancement someday minor
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