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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#237 extend chicken-install functionality new enhancement not urgent at all
#264 try setting up cross-chicken for a windows target assigned task not urgent at all
#349 think about keeping statistics of explicit extension downloads new enhancement not urgent at all
#526 enable parallel builds new enhancement not urgent at all
#649 deprecate and remove -compile-syntax / ##sys#enable-runtime-macros assigned task not urgent at all
#741 add compiler option for selective profiling new felix enhancement not urgent at all
#760 allow exporting compiler syntax new felix enhancement not urgent at all
#767 random seed should be more random assigned enhancement not urgent at all
#776 shared lib link arguments in makefile are not transmitted to eggs new enhancement not urgent at all
#777 unix-sockets: implement FD sending and receiving assigned felix enhancement not urgent at all
#809 allow to specify argument-type enforcement in type signatures assigned felix enhancement not urgent at all
#812 Add ->list and ->boolean to core system assigned felix enhancement not urgent at all
#862 consider adding setters for subXXXvector/substring new enhancement not urgent at all
#912 latch egg: test, expose and document "snap" new felix enhancement not urgent at all
#958 continue compilation for toplevel forms, if possible new felix enhancement not urgent at all someday
#977 make SSAX raise a proper condition when encountering a parse error instead of calling error new felix enhancement not urgent at all someday
#1020 matchable: Add conversion pattern(s) accepted ashinn enhancement not urgent at all someday
#1061 syntax-rules should be able to automatically determine implicit exports new enhancement not urgent at all someday
#1134 with-input-from-pipe should be rewritten so it does not block new enhancement not urgent at all someday
#1155 values and the scrutinizer new defect not urgent at all someday
#1351 syntax-rules has difficulty handling ellipsis in some cases? new sjamaan defect not urgent at all someday
#1384 Simplify resolution of include/extend/types/inline/extension files new enhancement not urgent at all someday
#1387 Nicer formatting of the foreign-lambda result new enhancement not urgent at all someday
#1435 getstr function in ncurses egg new defect not urgent at all someday
#1439 Add switch to csi to set initial module new enhancement not urgent at all someday
#1440 Something goes wrong when generating inline file for module using foregin-lambda* new defect not urgent at all someday
#125 cross-chicken should prefer loading uncompiled import libraries assigned defect minor 5.1
#258 z3 egg improvements new zbigniew enhancement minor
#377 STATICBUILD doesn't seem to run on cygwin assigned defect minor
#423 chicken-uninstall -s leaves unicode-char-sets in lib/chicken/5 assigned ashinn defect minor
#739 Allow more specific foreign types new felix enhancement minor
#747 coops: integrate primitive type classes new felix task minor
#749 honu: handle octal format escapes in string literals new defect minor
#752 test and document qt-light enhancements by satosi new task minor
#757 provide ##core#inline-routines for cheap SRFI-4 vector primitives new felix enhancement minor 5.1
#784 ssax's `ssax:warn' ignores its first argument (port) new defect minor
#872 run finalizers in a dedicated thread new task minor
#934 improve documentation for functors and named interfaces new defect minor someday
#938 Feature Request: Load type files for units assigned felix enhancement minor 5.1
#951 print-length-limit new defect minor someday
#985 read-line blocks intermittantly on Atom based netbook assigned kiatoa defect minor someday
#1007 socket egg: socket-close should track closed status new zbigniew defect minor someday
#1148 Fix setup-helper usage in eggs new defect minor someday
#1159 Handle -debug h without a source file new defect minor 5.1
#1162 gethostbyname() is deprecated in favour of getaddrinfo() new enhancement minor someday
#1176 Support capturing multiple value type in `forall`, etc. new enhancement minor someday
#1198 Allow `the` to override inferred types new enhancement minor someday
#1215 Warn about too specific type declarations new enhancement minor someday
#1220 Problems with chicken-status -f after using chicken-install -p reopened ckeen defect minor someday
#1225 Strange static compilation behaviour new enhancement minor someday
#1233 hexgrid: test failure new estevo defect minor someday
#1258 At higher optimization levels, some scrutiny warnings disappear new defect minor 5.1
#1276 alist-lib alist-update!/default not useful for adding keys assigned klutometis defect minor someday
#1286 define-constant and define-inline should shadow imported identifiers new enhancement minor 5.1
#1287 csc -deploy fails with modules new defect minor someday
#1302 Syntax error for csc -postlude '(main)' new defect minor someday
#1307 invalid number of parameters in install target on Windows new defect minor someday
#1310 feathers: show number of debug-events for each line new felix enhancement minor someday
#1311 feathers: Implement "Next" new enhancement minor someday
#1316 Avoid define-macro warning in sxpath egg new enhancement minor someday
#1339 char-ready? returns #f even when input is available new defect minor 5.1
#1340 Unable to compile a mathh gama instruction at or above optimize-level 3 new defect minor 5.1
#1348 improvement to manual pages new defect minor someday
#1354 Clean up the expander a bit new sjamaan task minor 5.1
#1361 Update explicit info strings in calls to `getter-with-setter` new enhancement minor 5.0
#1363 when compiled, set! will clobber previous lambda-info's new defect minor 5.1
#1365 bitwise-not returns wrong values on non-negative arguments new defect minor someday
#1370 Build-dependencies between import libraries and core units don't seem to be completely right new defect minor 5.1
#1371 locative table is only grown, never shrunk new defect minor 5.1
#1379 Improve "heap-shrinkage" rate new defect minor someday
#1382 sql-de-lite ignores new versions of sqlite3 on Cygwin new zbigniew defect minor someday
#1383 Add unexport form for modules new enhancement minor someday
#1388 Enable clustering and lfa2 at lower optimisation levels new enhancement minor 5.1
#1407 salt (tests): cannot open file - No such file or directory: "tests/vdp.sml" new iraikov defect minor someday
#1425 and-let* is not 100% compatible with SRFI-2 new defect minor someday
#1427 gochan's test failure new kristianlm defect minor someday
#1436 Don't disable inline file generation with -O5 (disable-interrupts) new change request minor someday
#1438 clang warnings new defect minor someday
#488 SLIME completion does not complete up to first non-unique point in string new nickg defect major
#612 "chicken-install -deploy" must make sure the installed extensions have the same version as the currently installed ones assigned defect major
#703 Restructure core libraries new defect major 5.0
#731 couchdb-view-server: segfault in tests new syn defect major
#766 posix: can't collect exit status and close all process ports at the same time new defect major 5.1
#779 hyde: support trailing slashes on directories new defect major
#813 Extension tiger-hash fails on big-endian machines accepted kon defect major
#826 srfi-63 is intended to be compiled in case-insensitive mode new iraikov defect major
#863 transparent handling of executable file-suffix for "make" extension new defect major
#945 html-parser supports only a few entities assigned ashinn defect major someday
#960 Need API to box and unbox FILE* pointers as Scheme ports new defect major someday
#961 option quoting in csc is a complete mess new defect major someday
#980 make input-parse more neighbourly by signalling an exception in assert-curr-char instead of calling error new defect major someday
#988 Add drop-prefix to import specifiers new enhancement major 5.1
#991 spiffy-request-vars' test fails sometimes reopened defect major someday
#1005 mmap test doesn't correctly catch error situations reopened defect major someday
#1043 byte-blob-stream-find fails to find matches at the end of a stream assigned iraikov defect major someday
#1050 chicken-install doesn't check that dependencies installed satisfy the version constraint in the (depends ...) clause new defect major 5.1
#1077 Symbols containing newlines don't get quoted by write new sjamaan defect major 5.1
#1091 glut: unexpected exit on (use glut) new felix defect major someday
#1092 amazon-s3 test errors new thomashintz defect major someday
#1095 AD egg compilation fails due to unsupported gcc flag on OpenBSD-current new defect major someday
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