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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1765 enable-warnings time-travelling shenanigans defect not urgent at all someday unknown
#1768 Wrong macro added to chicken-config.h in Makefile.cross-linux-mingw defect minor 5.3 build system
#1771 Except specificier in imports defect major 5.3 unknown
#1772 importing the same module over and over eats up more and more memory defect major 5.3 unknown
#1773 Idea: numeric dispatch with switch defect not urgent at all 5.4 core libraries
#1774 mac.r is installed in the wrong location defect not urgent at all 5.4 build system
#1777 Drop builtin-features from eval.scm defect major 5.4 core libraries
#1779 reverse-list->string not exported by srfi-13 egg defect minor someday core libraries
#1782 Reduce number of Windows configurations by removing Cygwin support task major 5.4 build system
#1783 Creation of .types file is not deterministic defect minor someday compiler
#1785 csc man page lists -static-libs but -static is the correct option defect major someday unknown
#1787 current-user-id setter from (chicken process-context posix) maybe needs some argument validation defect minor 5.3 core libraries
#1793 r7rs incompatibility regarding identifier renames in macro expansion defect major 6.0.0 expander
#1794 (r7rs) syntax-rules doesn't allow combining ellipsis and dotted tail defect major 6.0.0 unknown
#1799 [colorize egg] slow on big files enhancement minor someday extensions
#1800 chicken-install fails installing eggs when encountering truncated/empty .egg-info files defect major someday core tools
#1802 chicken-install doesn't update outdated cached eggs defect minor someday core tools
#1804 compare doesn't compare if name is already bound defect major someday expander
#1806 Finding missing dependencies enhancement minor someday compiler
#1809 Allow modules with list names on command-line enhancement major 5.4 unknown
#1811 [r7rs] 'environment' wrongly imports all symbols from r7rs module defect major someday extensions
#1817 explore using zig as a c-compiler alternative enhancement not urgent at all 6.0.0 unknown
#1819 Add user-facing weak pairs API defect major 5.4 core libraries
#1822 Specification of minimal required version of CHICKEN in egg files defect major 6.0.0 core tools
#1825 srfi-88 module is broken somehow defect major 5.4 core libraries
#3 Test ticket defect major build system
#4 Test 2 defect major build system
#5 Test 3 defect major build system
#6 Test 5 defect major build system
#8 wrap up high-load scheduler as egg enhancement major extensions
#10 Add parameters to chicken.import.scm defect major core libraries
#12 fix e-mail transmission in chicken-bug defect major core tools
#14 tab completion for scheme identifiers throws error in readline egg defect major extensions
#16 set-file-position! missing defect major core libraries
#20 compiled executables ignore CHICKEN_INCLUDE_PATH defect major core libraries
#24 port ncurses egg to chicken4 enhancement minor extensions
#26 hashing procedures exported by srfi-69 and srfi-13 conflict defect major core libraries
#28 remove dependency on srfi-1 in ftl extension task minor extensions
#34 string-substitute bus error defect major core libraries
#35 keyword argument support in procedure type signatures for scrutinizer enhancement minor compiler
#36 chicken-install w/ local transport fails defect minor core tools
#37 refactor posix*.scm files task minor core libraries
#41 Implement format-control optimization for [fs]printf enhancement minor compiler
#42 implement memory-mapped file operations for Windows task minor core libraries
#43 bus error on 64-bit install_name_tool defect minor build system
#46 add support for profiling builds enhancement minor build system
#61 Buffer overflow in file_info_2 defect major core libraries
#62 abs() argument truncated on 64-bit defect major core libraries
#63 create-directory with parents doesn't accept relative paths under Unix defect major core libraries
#64 "maze" benchmark produces incorrect result when compiled wirth -block on x86-64 defect critical core libraries
#65 disable executable stack sections defect major build system
#66 don't remove setup-api.c and setup-download.c in "make clean" defect minor build system
#68 move installed eggs into into /var defect major build system
#69 chicken-install does not stop on error defect major build system
#70 add build option to optimize for speed enhancement minor build system
#72 load bug? defect minor core libraries
#73 building an extension will prefer already installed eggs over currently built ones defect major compiler
#76 numbers egg comparison of a bignum & a flonum can be incorrect defect major extensions
#84 remove lolevel unbound and invalid-procedure hooks task minor core-pending
#86 Port SDL egg to chicken 4 enhancement not urgent at all extensions
#88 Port of cairo.egg to chicken4 enhancement not urgent at all extensions
#91 reorganize egg repository to cut down working copy size task major extensions
#92 remove ##sys#syntactic-environment? defect minor core-pending
#93 remove things that refer to obsolete apply hook defect minor core-pending
#94 Bug in `get-condition-property' defect major core-pending
#95 disable e-mail feature in chicken-bug(1) task major core-pending
#96 chicken-install should not use setup-mode when cross-compiling defect minor core-pending
#98 Typo in date-literals egg in version 3 repository defect minor extensions
#100 inlining can break assumptions about contraction defect major core-pending
#101 remove meaningless benchmarks task minor core-pending
#102 `standard-extension` procedure from module setup-api doesn't install import library defect minor core-pending
#103 Remove obsolete files task minor core-pending
#104 import-library should only be generated if it actually changed enhancement minor core-pending
#105 remove "benchmark" mode, replace with -O5 task minor core-pending
#106 allows using config file for make(1) variables enhancement minor core-pending
#107 non-atomic expressions in operator position are suboptimally handled defect minor core-pending
#108 `installation-prefix` in setup-api is not always valid defect minor core-pending
#109 `process-execute` in posixwin.scm doesn't handle missing arglist argument defect minor core-pending
#110 CHICKEN_interrupt() may not work in certain situations defect minor core libraries
#112 "Trivial" is not an indicator for "Priority" enhancement not urgent at all infrastructure
#113 Crunch egg: bug in define-crunch-primitives / define-crunch-callback defect minor extensions
#115 Using -host option in setup scripts is incorrect defect major extensions
#120 Allow extensions to consist of import-library only enhancement minor core-pending
#121 srfi-19 dumps core in response to bad arguments defect major extensions
#124 `-force' should override check of chicken version in `chicken-install' defect minor core-pending
#126 don't use internal hook in tinyclos for instance foreign type defect not urgent at all core-pending
#127 use internal form of 'syntax' to avoid capturing defect minor core-pending
#128 remove read-syntax for `syntax' task minor core-pending
#129 `cond-expand' doesn't work when introduced by macro defect major core-pending
#134 find-files traverses symlinks defect not urgent at all core libraries
#135 load & CHICKEN_INCLUDE_PATH for chicken 4 defect major compiler
#139 wrong nesting in irc egg defect minor extensions
#140 "make clean" does not clean up generated files setup-api.import.scm and setup-download.import.scm defect major build system
#146 several char-sets seem to be broken defect major core libraries
#151 henrietta does not obey (files...) from meta defect minor extensions
#152 (doc-from-wiki) unimplemented defect major documentation
#159 chicken-install fails to check required versions properly defect critical core tools
#166 on windows, extensions and import-libraries are not linked with the correct library defect major build system
#167 implement new build system task major build system
#171 allow access to toplevel macro-transformer enhancement not urgent at all core libraries
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