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#620 makedist.scm fails to create tarball felix winkelmann defect critical 4.7.x fixed
#668 Issue with 49b92ba0bfb7ecfceb49a45f64e9943ea83a6d94 defect critical 4.7.x fixed
#793 srfi-69 hash tables don't compare equal? sjamaan defect critical 4.7.x invalid
#808 Blobs are compared with ASCIIZ string comparison functions defect critical 4.7.x fixed
#892 Segfault on insanely long lists defect critical 4.7.x fixed
#893 problem with type annotations and modules defect critical 4.7.x fixed
#1045 [panic] out of memory - heap full while resizing - execution terminated (awful-picman) defect critical 4.8.x fixed
#369 basic arithmetic broken on 64-bit platforms felix winkelmann defect major 4.6.x fixed
#403 Add HTTP proxy support to http-client sjamaan enhancement major 4.6.x fixed
#410 chicken-install question does ignore abort defect major 4.6.x fixed
#413 integer64 not working with let-location defect major 4.6.0 fixed
#425 poll test task major 4.6.x worksforme
#434 feature for irregex enhancement major 4.6.x fixed
#447 Inconsistency when calling set-finalizer! multiple times on the same object defect major 4.6.x fixed
#450 byte-blob does not load posix Ivan Raikov defect major 4.6.x fixed
#467 Buidling uri-generic fails with a segfault in chicken felix winkelmann defect major 4.6.x invalid
#491 runtime argument :a is not checked and will cause crashes Christian Kellermann defect major 4.6.x fixed
#497 cairo egg install broken defect major 4.6.x fixed
#501 sendfile 1.7.4 broken on OS X certainty defect major 4.6.x fixed
#518 strip-syntax returns wrong value for renamed symbols exported form a module sjamaan defect major 4.6.x fixed
#524 chicken-install -deploy does not copy internal eggs/units Christian Kellermann defect major 4.6.x worksforme
#589 TOCs in current multidoc release 2.3.2 are broken Ivan Raikov defect major 4.7.x fixed
#611 lzma tests segfaults on its tests alaricsp defect major 4.7.x invalid
#665 chicken-core: make check failure on 2011-08-02 felix winkelmann defect major 4.7.x fixed
#667 "make check" failure on 2011-08-09: "cannot run fft1: No such file or directory" felix winkelmann defect major 4.7.x fixed
#680 chicken HEAD (2011-08-31) breaks sedna felix winkelmann defect major 4.7.x fixed
#681 make check failure on 2011-09-01 felix winkelmann defect major 4.7.x fixed
#692 Numbers egg won't build on Cygwin under 4.7.0 defect major 4.7.x wontfix
#694 find-files does follow symlinks contradicts documentation Christian Kellermann defect major 4.7.x fixed
#708 condition-predicate's result is too picky defect major 4.7.x fixed
#734 Numbers egg ignores #e and #i defect major 4.7.x invalid
#856 With any method other than GET or POST, http-client hangs. sjamaan defect major 4.7.x fixed
#871 INTEGER? gives wrong answer on funky floats defect major 4.7.x fixed
#880 bug with assume defect major 4.7.x fixed
#881 `:' and other type related things not working with loaded code defect major 4.7.x fixed
#884 bug with define-type and modules defect major 4.7.x fixed
#915 "(read-string #f)" from console does not detect EOF correctly felix winkelmann defect major 4.8.x fixed
#916 lolevel-tests.scm failure on Linux/PPC (assertion failed: (pair? some-foo)) defect major 4.8.x fixed
#919 "Nursery too small" errors on cygwin Mario Domenech Goulart defect major 4.8.x fixed
#922 since 4.7.x x>1 keywords cannot start with numbers anymore felix winkelmann defect major 4.8.x fixed
#1001 Do not implicitly expand ~ in pathnames change request major 4.8.x fixed
#1058 Strange bugs in openssl egg (or core?) Thomas Chust defect major 4.8.x fixed
#1067 Variable set! in signal handler is optimised away in other code. defect major 4.8.x invalid
#1068 Possible regression: kanren: Error: unbound variable: move1330613308 defect major 4.8.x fixed
#1080 condition-case expands into two else clauses defect major 4.8.x fixed
#1081 make check error on salmonella-linux-x86 (Testing correct handling of thread-join! with external signals) defect major 4.8.x fixed
#1124 make-input-port exposes memory corruption bug? defect major 4.9.x fixed
#402 string-match is not identical to string-search even with regexp defect minor 4.6.x fixed
#404 convert mistie doc to wiki syntax felix winkelmann task minor fixed
#433 #!key args not assigned when |eval| called on compiler output defect minor 4.6.x invalid
#502 in spiffy, make tcp-addresses configurable sjamaan enhancement minor 4.6.x fixed
#566 Cygwin doesn't display -0.0 correctly felix winkelmann defect minor 4.8.x fixed
#596 rb-tree ephemeral map foldi-right broken Ivan Raikov defect minor 4.7.x fixed
#632 Two silly patches felix winkelmann enhancement minor 4.7.x fixed
#646 spiffy's cgi handler should preserve query-string formatting where possible sjamaan task minor 4.7.x fixed
#774 Update copyright headers in all source files felix winkelmann task minor 4.7.x fixed
#817 inconsistency between -O5 and -optimize-level 5 in csc defect minor 4.7.x fixed
#843 star export '(module foo * ...)' doesn't work with reexport felix winkelmann defect minor 4.7.x fixed
#852 csi segfaults when playing with modules and macros sjamaan defect minor 4.7.x fixed
#865 modules: * export breaks when trying to export variables from imported modules felix winkelmann defect minor 4.7.x fixed
#879 Tests: Assert failure in library-test.scm on MinGW defect minor 4.7.x invalid
#882 * export and macros not working defect minor 4.7.x fixed
#883 problem with procedure type declarations felix winkelmann defect minor 4.7.x fixed
#887 exactness result of max and min is non-R5RS and depends on argument order defect minor 4.7.x fixed
#897 compiler-typecase doesn't work with type-abbreviations felix winkelmann defect minor 4.8.x fixed
#903 csc's command line switch -output-file is ignored defect minor 4.7.x fixed
#1066 irregex chunked matching breaks when using positive lookbehind with submatches defect minor 4.8.x fixed
#320 The require-library ID & import IMPORT module name forms are disjoint enhancement not urgent at all 4.5.x fixed
#565 EQV? doesn't distinguish between 0.0 and -0.0 felix winkelmann defect not urgent at all 4.6.x wontfix
#631 Enhance banner to include git hash, ensure build info is current felix winkelmann enhancement not urgent at all 4.7.x fixed
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