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#1096 (abs most-negative-fixnum) does return negative value defect minor 5.0 core libraries
#1098 Remove the apply limit wrt the number of arguments defect minor 5.0 unknown
#1100 chicken-install uninstalls eggs on updating defect minor 5.0 core tools
#1101 reverse-list->string is not provided by srfi-13 (but by library.scm instead) defect minor 4.10.0 core libraries
#1107 Compiling with OpenBSD's gcc-4.2.1 produces 2 warnings when compiling posixunix.c defect minor 4.12.0 core libraries
#1109 chicken-install retrieve creates a directory even if the egg doesn't exist defect minor 4.10.0 core tools
#1110 chicken-install fails incorrectly when egg does not exist defect minor 4.11.0 unknown
#1121 Allow functor arguments to be optional enhancement minor someday expander
#1142 CR: remove queues, mmap, evict and binary search from core libraries felix winkelmann change request minor 5.0 core libraries
#1144 chicken-install's -keep-installed and -prefix/-deploy options don't play nicely together enhancement minor 4.12.0 core tools
#1150 irc: tcp-read-timeout not paramaterized everywhere that it needs to be felix winkelmann defect minor someday extensions
#1151 srfi-99: define-record-type doesn't properly define field accessor when the field name matches a previously defined symbol Thomas Chust defect minor someday extensions
#1153 Behavior of normalize-pathname on the root directory defect minor 4.10.0 core libraries
#1156 compiler warnings when import specifiers are used for setup-api and setup-download defect minor 5.0 unknown
#1158 aand in the anaphora egg returns an unspecified value when one of the argument is #f juergen defect minor someday extensions
#1159 Handle -debug h without a source file defect minor 5.1 core tools
#1161 irc egg fails at removing message handler defect minor someday extensions
#1169 *.setup-info installed with user login and group instead of root defect minor 5.0 core tools
#1174 srfi-42: append-ec fails when apply limit is reached Ivan Raikov defect minor someday extensions
#1177 man pages deficient enhancement minor someday documentation
#1188 Compiler ignores nonexistent modules when generating import libraries defect minor 4.11.0 compiler
#1197 Egg: Schelog Error: unbound variable: %set-of defect minor someday extensions
#1198 Allow `the` to override inferred types enhancement minor 4.10.0 scrutinizer
#1200 file->byte-blob can only read files in text mode on Windows defect minor someday extensions
#1203 Users manual hyperlink in index.html throws error in eww/emacs defect minor someday unknown
#1214 Specialization on certain `or' types doesn't work evhan defect minor someday scrutinizer
#1223 sigma egg seems to be missing import of utils defect minor someday extensions
#1225 Strange static compilation behaviour enhancement minor someday compiler
#1258 At higher optimization levels, some scrutiny warnings disappear defect minor 5.2 scrutinizer
#1287 csc -deploy fails with modules defect minor someday unknown
#1288 qwiki sections have no permalink sjamaan enhancement minor someday wiki
#1290 Unit srfi-69: does not specify action when two merged hash tables contain the same keys defect minor 4.13.0 extensions
#1299 Encoding of file "tests/compiler-tests.scm" is latin1 defect minor someday unknown
#1300 Broken image links in felix winkelmann defect minor someday unknown
#1301 Wiki site title is "Chicken" instead of "CHICKEN" defect minor someday unknown
#1302 Syntax error for csc -postlude '(main)' defect minor someday unknown
#1304 fastcgi egg segfaults with SIGUSR1 defect minor someday extensions
#1307 invalid number of parameters in install target on Windows defect minor someday build system
#1308 process-execute segfaults with huge amount of arguments defect minor 4.12.0 core libraries
#1312 Wiki CSS breaks when the wiki page starts with <enscript ...> arthurmaciel defect minor someday wiki
#1316 Avoid define-macro warning in sxpath egg enhancement minor someday extensions
#1356 trace buffer unnecessarily holds on to thread objects felix winkelmann defect minor 5.0 unknown
#1361 Update explicit info strings in calls to `getter-with-setter` enhancement minor 5.0 core libraries
#1363 when compiled, set! will clobber previous lambda-info's defect minor 5.0 unknown
#1369 Use different file extension for object files intended for shared or static egg components defect minor 5.0 core tools
#1379 Improve "heap-shrinkage" rate enhancement minor 5.2 core libraries
#1386 file-read-access? returns #f for non-existent files defect minor 5.0 core libraries
#1406 srfi-27: tests use "test" but don't declare it as a dependency Kon Lovett defect minor someday extensions
#1408 suspension (tests): cannot open file - No such file or directory: "" sjamaan defect minor someday unknown
#1413 srfi-27 (tests): cannot import from undefined module: composite-entropy-source Kon Lovett defect minor someday extensions
#1419 `test` egg doesn't detect the terminal supports colors defect minor someday unknown
#1420 coerce (tests): Error: unbound variable: make-mutex Kon Lovett defect minor someday extensions
#1424 (const c-string) as result type breaks with NULL defect minor 4.13.0 compiler
#1425 and-let* is not 100% compatible with SRFI-2 defect minor 5.0 expander
#1438 clang warnings defect minor 5.0 compiler
#1451 interrupts-enabled vs disable-interrupts task minor 5.0 compiler
#1455 XDG basedir support for csi config, egg cache and maybe more change request minor 5.1 core tools
#1467 Bare hashes cause confusing error message in scripts sjamaan enhancement minor 5.1 core libraries
#1470 Should -analyze-only imply -specialize? task minor 5.2 compiler
#1473 stb-image and stb-image-write test failures on 32-bit systems kristianlm defect minor someday extensions
#1481 compiler type warning (but no need for a warning) defect minor someday compiler
#1492 egg format: `components' accepts but ignores `csc-options' defect minor 5.4 core tools
#1498 Bug in fmt egg tests for CHICKEN 5 Ivan Raikov defect minor 5.0 extensions
#1499 srfi-42: tests: Error: unbound variable: fx> Ivan Raikov defect minor someday extensions
#1501 datatype: tests: unbound variable: ->string Ivan Raikov defect minor someday extensions
#1530 uri-generic fails with match error on IPv6 addresses using bracket notation defect minor someday extensions
#1532 "lint mode" for csc enhancement minor 5.1 core tools
#1537 Add unboxing pass felix winkelmann enhancement minor 5.1 compiler
#1540 Used heap reported by memory-statistics is too big after heap resize megane task minor 5.3 core libraries
#1544 apropos duplicate symbol-module-macro in output Kon Lovett defect minor someday extensions
#1549 internet-message: tests: missing dependency on srfi-13 Ivan Raikov defect minor someday extensions
#1551 Review of code examples in C5 manual needed defect minor someday documentation
#1554 C_COMPILER_OPTIMIZATIONS is ignored when building chicken-do defect minor 5.0 build system
#1555 Documentation of chicken-install -r is inconsistent with its behaviour defect minor 5.0 core tools
#1568 graph-bfs: srfi-13 is required for tests Ivan Raikov defect minor someday extensions
#1569 stmp: missing dependency on srfi-13 for tests Ivan Raikov defect minor someday extensions
#1576 Keywords get encoded with leading NUL byte, breaking read-write invariance of symbols starting with a NUL byte defect minor 5.1 core libraries
#1581 record-instance? from (chicken memory representation) fails in modules defect minor 5.1 core libraries
#1583 coops record-printer for instances do not work defect minor 5.1 extensions
#1600 c-object linked to extension isn’t installed but shows up in installed-files in the egg-info file felix winkelmann defect minor 5.1 core tools
#1601 Infinite continuation loop corrupts stack(?) defect minor 5.1 unknown
#1603 Bogus module resolution error for fx+ when using scsh-process sjamaan defect minor someday extensions
#1608 chicken-install checks for installed files even when -n is passed defect minor 5.1 core tools
#1610 test duration should be printed as inexact Alex Shinn defect minor someday extensions
#1623 Avoid consing for optional procedure arguments sjamaan enhancement minor 5.2 compiler
#1625 Empty keyword is not read as such sjamaan defect minor 5.2 core libraries
#1639 srfi-13: string-concatenate stops when cdr is non-list defect minor someday extensions
#1644 Add declaration to emit types file evhan enhancement minor 5.3 compiler
#1645 Invalid letrec usage hangs the compiler felix winkelmann defect minor 5.2 unknown
#1647 chicken-install on windows fails from other drive than C: defect minor 5.2 extensions
#1653 importing sequences prints () to stdout felix winkelmann defect minor someday extensions
#1675 Maximum heap size is limited on 64-bit machines defect minor 5.3 core libraries
#1687 installation may produce *.defaults version mismatch defect minor 5.3 unknown
#1693 add 32bit feature, similar to 64bit enhancement minor someday core libraries
#1698 Use 0666 as the default file mode in "file-open" from the chicken.file.posix module change request minor someday core libraries
#1706 messages: failure in tests juergen defect minor someday extensions
#1709 salt: failure in tests (unbound variable: unitconv#unit) Ivan Raikov defect minor someday extensions
#1711 ##sys#read with -keyword-style prefix transforms bare colon into empty symbol defect minor someday core libraries
#1713 chicken-install cache doesn't respect isolation defect minor 5.3 core tools
#1722 srfi-193: failure in tests lassik defect minor someday extensions
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