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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#831 utf8: Errors in xstring-copy! and utf8-case-map Alex Shinn defect minor extensions
#832 tokyocabinet: Error in tc-bdb-fwm-keys procedure Alex Shinn defect minor extensions
#833 neuromorpho and 9ML-toolkit's http-fetch tries to close output ports using close-input-port Ivan Raikov defect minor extensions
#834 mpi: Incorrect argument count for allgather-int and allgather-flonum procedures Ivan Raikov defect minor extensions
#838 matrix-utils: cons called with one argument Ivan Raikov defect minor extensions
#839 lzma egg uses deprecated null-pointer? procedure Alaric Snell-Pym defect minor extensions
#842 trace: Procedure called with incorrect number of arguments (but still magically works) felix winkelmann defect minor extensions
#845 zmq: Bug in call to socket-fd Moritz Heidkamp defect major extensions
#846 coops: define-method does not redefine felix winkelmann defect major extensions
#849 bind: scrutinizer problem with passing along void result type felix winkelmann defect not urgent at all unknown
#850 dbus: Scheme closure passed where function pointer is expected and triple compilation Shawn Rutledge defect major extensions
#851 sqlite3 test failure: (finalize!) unable to close due to unfinalised statements: #<sqlite3:database> Thomas Chust defect major extensions
#858 spiffy-request-vars' test shows "cannot write to socket - Broken pipe" at random Mario Domenech Goulart defect critical core libraries
#869 xsubstring with negative `from' argument returns empty string defect major core libraries
#870 SRFI-13's string comparison procedures return integers defect major core libraries
#872 run finalizers in a dedicated thread task minor unknown
#875 unicode-string in unicode-utils egg reverses character order defect minor extensions
#885 pty egg: example doesn't work Alex Shinn defect minor extensions
#886 spatial-trees tag directory has been deleted Ivan Raikov defect major extensions
#890 hyde doesn't do any HTML-escaping for unknown languages Moritz Heidkamp defect major extensions
#891 args egg: can't use an option called "name" Jim Ursetto defect major extensions
#898 scrutinizer gives spurious warnings when given too many type hints defect minor scrutinizer
#899 typed-records: define-record-type constructor with arguments is specialized erroneously felix winkelmann defect minor extensions
#902 coops: tiny patch for generic-procedure? defect not urgent at all extensions
#904 Unable to run "chicken-install -deploy" with srfi-19 (must be root) Kon Lovett defect minor extensions
#906 drop sdl_net support and extract sdl_image/sdl_ttf/sdl_rotozoom from sdl egg Christian Kellermann defect major extensions
#913 Isolate and test patches from "lfa2" branch felix winkelmann enhancement not urgent at all compiler
#914 irc: reconnecting doesn’t cope with 433: nickname already in use felix winkelmann defect major unknown
#917 tests that rely on diff break with clang defect minor unknown
#920 irc: reconnecting due to server-side EOF broken defect major unknown
#3 Test ticket defect major build system
#4 Test 2 defect major build system
#5 Test 3 defect major build system
#6 Test 5 defect major build system
#7 keword argument variables get incorrectly renamed (or not at all) felix winkelmann defect critical core libraries
#9 setting default nursery size via compiler option doesn't seem to work felix winkelmann defect major compiler
#10 Add parameters to chicken.import.scm defect major core libraries
#11 replace ##sys#strip-syntax with version that handles cyclic structures felix winkelmann enhancement minor core libraries
#15 let-syntax and letrec-syntax don't recognize local vars in compiled code felix winkelmann defect critical compiler
#16 set-file-position! missing defect major core libraries
#17 use of `define-foreign-record-type' expands into incorrect result type identifier felix winkelmann defect critical compiler
#21 read-string, order of magnitude speedup felix winkelmann enhancement major core libraries
#22 complete s48-modules felix winkelmann defect minor extensions
#23 numbers egg interferes with (module foo * ...) Alex Shinn defect minor compiler
#24 port ncurses egg to chicken4 enhancement minor extensions
#25 chicken-install does not order egg version properly felix winkelmann defect critical infrastructure
#26 hashing procedures exported by srfi-69 and srfi-13 conflict defect major core libraries
#27 unsigned-c-string does not work as advertised felix winkelmann defect minor compiler
#28 remove dependency on srfi-1 in ftl extension task minor extensions
#30 merge scrutiny branch into trunk felix winkelmann enhancement major compiler
#31 update NEWS file felix winkelmann task minor documentation
#33 add option to load inline files directly felix winkelmann enhancement major compiler
#40 merge trunk changes after r14940 into prerelease branch felix winkelmann task major core libraries
#44 sync wiki and trunk manuals felix winkelmann task major documentation
#47 Incorrect capture of `begin' felix winkelmann defect critical expander
#54 pointer-s8-ref should explicitly use signed char felix winkelmann defect critical core libraries
#55 Tests use egg repository from PREFIX felix winkelmann defect major infrastructure
#56 "spotless" target doesn't remove all generated files. felix winkelmann defect major build system
#57 Extended lambda list arguments are looked up in the wrong environment felix winkelmann defect critical expander
#60 reactivate SONAME felix winkelmann defect major build system
#63 create-directory with parents doesn't accept relative paths under Unix defect major core libraries
#64 "maze" benchmark produces incorrect result when compiled wirth -block on x86-64 defect critical core libraries
#65 disable executable stack sections defect major build system
#66 don't remove setup-api.c and setup-download.c in "make clean" defect minor build system
#67 chicken-install handles dependency chains incorrectly felix winkelmann defect critical core tools
#68 move installed eggs into into /var defect major build system
#70 add build option to optimize for speed enhancement minor build system
#71 chicken-install should try all mirrors felix winkelmann enhancement major core tools
#73 building an extension will prefer already installed eggs over currently built ones defect major compiler
#75 "ref" foreign argument type does not work defect minor compiler
#78 figure out branch policy for seperating bugfixes and enhancements felix winkelmann task major infrastructure
#80 regex grep enhancement felix winkelmann enhancement minor core-pending
#84 remove lolevel unbound and invalid-procedure hooks task minor core-pending
#85 reexporting does not fully work for core library exports felix winkelmann defect major core-pending
#92 remove ##sys#syntactic-environment? defect minor core-pending
#93 remove things that refer to obsolete apply hook defect minor core-pending
#94 Bug in `get-condition-property' defect major core-pending
#95 disable e-mail feature in chicken-bug(1) task major core-pending
#96 chicken-install should not use setup-mode when cross-compiling defect minor core-pending
#100 inlining can break assumptions about contraction defect major core-pending
#101 remove meaningless benchmarks task minor core-pending
#102 `standard-extension` procedure from module setup-api doesn't install import library defect minor core-pending
#103 Remove obsolete files task minor core-pending
#104 import-library should only be generated if it actually changed enhancement minor core-pending
#105 remove "benchmark" mode, replace with -O5 task minor core-pending
#106 allows using config file for make(1) variables enhancement minor core-pending
#107 non-atomic expressions in operator position are suboptimally handled defect minor core-pending
#108 `installation-prefix` in setup-api is not always valid defect minor core-pending
#109 `process-execute` in posixwin.scm doesn't handle missing arglist argument defect minor core-pending
#116 tcp read/write timeout should throw specific exception defect major core-pending
#120 Allow extensions to consist of import-library only enhancement minor core-pending
#124 `-force' should override check of chicken version in `chicken-install' defect minor core-pending
#126 don't use internal hook in tinyclos for instance foreign type defect not urgent at all core-pending
#127 use internal form of 'syntax' to avoid capturing defect minor core-pending
#128 remove read-syntax for `syntax' task minor core-pending
#129 `cond-expand' doesn't work when introduced by macro defect major core-pending
#130 add proxy support to setup-download felix winkelmann defect major core tools
#138 readline: unbound variable felix winkelmann defect critical compiler
#140 "make clean" does not clean up generated files setup-api.import.scm and setup-download.import.scm defect major build system
#141 synchronize changes made in wiki manual with manual in core repository felix winkelmann defect major documentation
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