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Ticket Summary Estimated difficulty Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#488 SLIME completion does not complete up to first non-unique point in string hard extensions 4.6.x defect Nick Gasson new 01/30/11
#612 "chicken-install -deploy" must make sure the installed extensions have the same version as the currently installed ones medium core tools 4.7.x defect assigned 06/18/11
#731 couchdb-view-server: segfault in tests extensions 4.7.x defect Moritz Heidkamp new 11/18/11
#779 hyde: support trailing slashes on directories trivial extensions 4.7.x defect new 01/19/12
#813 Extension tiger-hash fails on big-endian machines hard extensions 4.7.x defect Kon Lovett accepted 04/07/12
#863 transparent handling of executable file-suffix for "make" extension medium extensions 4.7.x defect new 06/05/12
#377 STATICBUILD doesn't seem to run on cygwin unknown 4.6.x defect assigned 09/10/10
#423 chicken-uninstall -s leaves unicode-char-sets in lib/chicken/5 extensions 4.6.x defect Alex Shinn assigned 11/02/10
#749 honu: handle octal format escapes in string literals extensions 4.7.x defect new 12/13/11
#784 ssax's `ssax:warn' ignores its first argument (port) extensions 4.7.x defect new 02/09/12
#258 z3 egg improvements medium extensions enhancement Jim Ursetto new 05/29/10
#739 Allow more specific foreign types medium compiler 4.7.x enhancement felix winkelmann new 12/11/11
#747 coops: integrate primitive type classes extensions 4.7.x task felix winkelmann new 12/13/11
#752 test and document qt-light enhancements by satosi extensions 4.7.x task new 12/13/11
#872 run finalizers in a dedicated thread insane unknown 4.7.x task new 06/19/12
#237 extend chicken-install functionality medium core tools 4.5.0 enhancement new 05/15/10
#349 think about keeping statistics of explicit extension downloads medium infrastructure 4.5.x enhancement new 08/22/10
#526 enable parallel builds unknown 4.6.x enhancement new 03/12/11
#741 add compiler option for selective profiling medium compiler 4.7.x enhancement felix winkelmann new 12/12/11
#760 allow exporting compiler syntax hard compiler 4.7.x enhancement felix winkelmann new 12/20/11
#776 shared lib link arguments in makefile are not transmitted to eggs medium build system 4.7.x enhancement new 01/13/12
#777 unix-sockets: implement FD sending and receiving easy extensions 4.7.x enhancement felix winkelmann assigned 01/13/12
#809 allow to specify argument-type enforcement in type signatures medium compiler 4.7.x enhancement felix winkelmann assigned 04/07/12
#812 Add ->list and ->boolean to core system easy core libraries 4.7.x enhancement felix winkelmann assigned 04/07/12
#862 consider adding setters for subXXXvector/substring core libraries 4.7.x enhancement new 06/04/12
#912 latch egg: test, expose and document "snap" easy extensions 4.8.x enhancement felix winkelmann new 09/04/12
#264 try setting up cross-chicken for a windows target medium documentation 4.5.x task assigned 06/03/10
#649 deprecate and remove -compile-syntax / ##sys#enable-runtime-macros compiler 4.7.x task assigned 07/14/11

Milestone 5.3 (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Estimated difficulty Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#1727 chicken-install srfi-18 fails on Windows unknown 5.2.0 defect new 01/28/21
#1757 Reexport behaving inconsistently unknown 5.2.0 defect new 05/26/21
#1771 Except specificier in imports unknown defect new 07/16/21

Milestone 5.4 (36 matches)

Ticket Summary Estimated difficulty Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#1131 Kill ##sys#alias-global-hook with fire insane unknown 4.9.x defect new 06/09/14
#1166 Globally defining an identifier previously bound to a macro should shadow the macro fully hard expander defect sjamaan new 10/29/14
#1294 define-record-printer messes with internal defines hard expander 4.11.0 defect new 05/29/16
#1399 Scrutinizer produces incorrect procedure types after merge medium scrutinizer 4.12.0 defect evhan reopened 09/09/17
#1450 TCP connections can cause process to hang hard core libraries 4.13.0 defect new 03/19/18
#1475 (scrutinizer) Types for global variables are not refined by predicates easy scrutinizer 5.0.0 defect new 06/15/18
#1486 Reading and writing to a pipe set up by process can cause scheduler assertion errors hard core libraries 4.13.0 defect new 07/15/18
#1513 Type declarations in modules do not namespace structs easy core libraries 5.0.0 defect assigned 08/20/18
#1564 srfi-18: (mutex-unlock) Internal scheduler error extensions 5.0.0 defect new 11/30/18
#1566 ports-tests are not testing file-lock procedures trivial core libraries 5.0.0 defect Christian Kellermann new 11/30/18
#1615 hidden/gensymed variables are registered for export easy expander 5.0.0 defect sjamaan new 05/07/19
#1684 programs that specify component-dependencies should build-depend on their import libraries core libraries 5.2.0 defect new 03/08/20
#1685 shell-variable in egg-compile should quote environment variables core libraries 5.2.0 defect evhan assigned 03/09/20
#1688 Restore -l option for chicken-install easy core tools 5.2.0 defect new 03/14/20
#1695 Exception handler bug when compiled with -O5? hard compiler 5.2.0 defect new 04/10/20
#1723 exports of (chicken module) are not obvious easy documentation 5.2.0 defect new 11/06/20
#1222 Rework error handling to make it work better with non-POSIX functions medium core libraries enhancement new 10/31/15
#1466 Try to get rid of evaluated imports in generated import libraries hard compiler 5.0.0 enhancement sjamaan new 05/24/18
#1611 Restructure checks for inlinable intrinsics medium compiler enhancement sjamaan new 04/24/19
#1656 Refactor TCP unit to make ipv6 work from core medium core libraries 5.1.0 enhancement new 11/26/19
#1667 Overhaul c-backend.scm hard compiler 5.1.0 enhancement felix winkelmann assigned 01/24/20
#125 cross-chicken should prefer loading uncompiled import libraries medium core tools 4.2.x defect assigned 11/21/09
#1370 Build-dependencies between import libraries and core units don't seem to be completely right medium build system 5.0.0 defect new 05/09/17
#1371 locative table is only grown, never shrunk medium core libraries 4.12.0 defect new 05/12/17
#1619 Specialization ignores fixnum mode, leading to suboptimal code compiler 5.0.0 defect new 05/29/19
#1726 chicken.base#implicit-exit-handler reporting segmentation violation with non-default heap size core libraries 5.1.0 defect new 01/15/21
#938 Feature Request: Load type files for units medium compiler 4.8.x enhancement felix winkelmann assigned 10/21/12
#1286 define-constant and define-inline should shadow imported identifiers hard compiler 4.10.x enhancement new 05/22/16
#1388 Enable clustering and lfa2 at lower optimisation levels trivial compiler 5.0.0 enhancement felix winkelmann assigned 07/17/17
#1606 Add code to lfa2 for extinguishing SRFI-4 predicates medium scrutinizer 5.0.0 enhancement felix winkelmann assigned 04/11/19
#1666 Separate library into safe and unsafe parts medium core libraries 5.1.0 enhancement new 01/24/20
#1705 Module names should be unique medium compiler 5.2.0 enhancement new 07/21/20
#1354 Clean up the expander a bit hard expander 5.0.0 task sjamaan new 03/18/17
#1476 (scrutinizer) Should global types be smashed in local contexts? scrutinizer 5.0.0 task new 06/15/18
#1704 Make -O3 imply -d0 trivial compiler 5.2.0 change request new 07/21/20
#1446 Implement contravariant type checking for procedure types scrutinizer 5.0.0 enhancement new 02/20/18

Milestone someday (33 matches)

Ticket Summary Estimated difficulty Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#1112 Figure out a way to safely release objects hard core libraries 4.8.x defect new 04/16/14
#1293 eq?-hash tables calculcate different value for objects after they're mutated and lose locatives after GC hard core libraries 4.10.x defect new 05/27/16
#945 html-parser supports only a few entities easy extensions 4.8.x defect Alex Shinn assigned 10/31/12
#960 Need API to box and unbox FILE* pointers as Scheme ports hard core libraries 4.8.x defect new 12/18/12
#961 option quoting in csc is a complete mess hard core tools 4.8.x defect new 12/27/12
#980 make input-parse more neighbourly by signalling an exception in assert-curr-char instead of calling error easy unknown 4.8.x defect new 02/08/13
#991 spiffy-request-vars' test fails sometimes insane unknown 4.8.x defect reopened 03/01/13
#1005 mmap test doesn't correctly catch error situations medium extensions defect reopened 04/11/13
#1043 byte-blob-stream-find fails to find matches at the end of a stream extensions 4.8.x defect Ivan Raikov assigned 08/08/13
#1091 glut: unexpected exit on (use glut) medium extensions 4.8.x defect felix winkelmann new 01/19/14
#1095 AD egg compilation fails due to unsupported gcc flag on OpenBSD-current trivial unknown 4.8.x defect new 02/04/14
#1113 chicken-install -s should not use sudo if it is not necessary hard unknown 4.8.x defect new 04/17/14
#1128 stty termios struct, add feature test for speed attributes hard extensions 4.9.x defect Alex Shinn new 06/03/14
#1132 Expansion of internal definitions ignores import status/redefinition of `define` et al. hard expander 4.9.x defect new 06/14/14
#1141 hyde: execute permissions on hyde executable medium extensions 4.9.x defect Moritz Heidkamp assigned 07/15/14
#1145 Issue with matchable and the module system hard extensions 4.9.x defect sjamaan assigned 08/05/14
#1146 create-temporary-file and create-temporary-directory are subject to race conditions medium core libraries 4.10.x defect new 08/05/14
#1147 sendfile 1.7.29 feature test should fail on OpenBSD but passes medium extensions 4.9.x defect certainty new 08/11/14
#1165 redis relies on GNU make, which is not the default make on BSDs medium extensions 4.9.x defect 0xab new 10/28/14
#1168 make install: umask problem with modules.db medium build system 4.9.x defect new 11/09/14
#1180 parley seems to insert the same sexpression to the reader again when getting input while sleeping extensions 4.9.x defect Christian Kellermann new 02/17/15
#1196 Static compilation doesn't respect $LIBDIR. medium build system 4.9.x defect new 06/24/15
#1204 chicken-install permissions with executables medium unknown 4.9.x defect new 07/26/15
#1217 Unit Posix time/date behaviors differ across operating systems insane core libraries 4.9.x defect new 08/28/15
#1226 This code will trigger an inlining loop hard compiler 4.10.x defect new 11/27/15
#1235 Issue with parameters medium core libraries 4.10.x defect new 12/15/15
#1238 mw (tests): openssl egg is needed for HTTPS trivial extensions 4.10.x defect Tony Sidaway new 12/31/15
#1241 pty: test failure extensions 4.10.x defect Alex Shinn new 12/31/15
#1247 twilio's license is BSD, but it depends on a GPL-3 egg (s) extensions 4.10.x defect Peter Danenberg new 12/31/15
#1251 eping attempts to emit an import library out of the import source file easy extensions 4.10.x defect mikele new 01/02/16
#1265 AD: installation failure easy extensions 4.10.x defect 0xab new 02/25/16
#1291 lowdown: markdown->sxml produces unnormalised SXML medium extensions 4.10.x defect Moritz Heidkamp assigned 05/26/16
#1295 module-environment use with macros hard core libraries 4.11.0 defect new 06/07/16
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