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Procedures grouping in the wiki is confusing

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Compared to the source file of the documentation, or to chickadee, the wiki is very confusing when showing grouping of multiple procedures.

It groups procedures even when they are separated by a new line in the source, which looks like these procedures are linked together even when they are not.

As an example, look at the ncurses egg documentation, more precisely at the halfdelay procedure.

In the wiki, it’s grouped with has_colors, has_ic and has_il, and everything is documented to return a boolean value.

In chickadee, halfdelay is by itself, and only has_colors, has_ic and has_il are grouped together with their documentation entry.

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comment:1 Changed 6 years ago by Mario Domenech Goulart

Milestone: 5.0someday

comment:2 Changed 6 years ago by sjamaan

Looks like the rules in qwiki-sxml discard the def grouping:

(import (chicken port) svnwiki-sxml)

(call-with-input-string "fofo\n\n<procedure>first</procedure>\n\n\n<procedure>second</procedure>\n<procedure>third</procedure>\nbar" svnwiki->sxml)
;; => ((p "fofo")
;;     (def (sig (procedure "first")))
;;     (def (sig (procedure "second") (procedure "third"))
;;     (p "bar")))

The really strange thing is of course that there's nothing following the def. We could convert the def itself to a div or something like that, and give that a class that can be targeted to create some space.

Of course, this is all just a lot of effort for missing documentation for a procedure here :)

comment:3 Changed 6 years ago by sjamaan

The sxml above gets converted to HTML like this:

<span class="definition procedure"><em>[procedure]</em> <tt>first</tt>
<span class="definition procedure"><em>[procedure]</em> <tt>second</tt>
<span class="definition procedure"><em>[procedure]</em> <tt>third</tt>
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