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#1286 new enhancement

define-constant and define-inline should shadow imported identifiers

Reported by: evhan Owned by:
Priority: minor Milestone: 6.0.0
Component: compiler Version: 4.10.x
Keywords: modules, inlining, define-inline, define-constant Cc:
Estimated difficulty: hard


The following should print yes rather than the procedure exact:

(use (only data-structures exact))
(define-constant exact 'yes)
(print exact) ; => #<procedure (numbers#inexact->exact x1007)> instead of 'yes

The same applies for define-inline:

(use (only numbers exact))
(define-inline (exact n) 'yes)
(print (exact 1.0)) ; => 1 instead of 'yes

This happens because variables are module-resolved (via lookup against the current environment) in resolve-variable before they're keyed into the constant and inline tables. I think the raw identifier should be used when looking up inlined and constant idenfifiers instead (x0 rather than x), but haven't looked too deeply at this issue yet.

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Estimated difficulty: hard

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Getting ready for 5.1, moving tickets which won't make it in to 5.2.

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