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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#612 "chicken-install -deploy" must make sure the installed extensions have the same version as the currently installed ones defect major core tools
#945 html-parser supports only a few entities ashinn defect major someday extensions
#1043 byte-blob-stream-find fails to find matches at the end of a stream iraikov defect major someday extensions
#1141 hyde: execute permissions on hyde executable syn defect major someday extensions
#1145 Issue with matchable and the module system sjamaan defect major someday extensions
#1291 lowdown: markdown->sxml produces unnormalised SXML syn defect major someday extensions
#1353 posix-semaphore egg won't build on OS X: uses deprecated API dleslie defect major someday extensions
#1372 mailbox timeouts and thread signaling kon defect major someday extensions
#1513 Type declarations in modules do not namespace structs defect major 5.2 core libraries
#1596 envsubst: test failure: Error: (include) cannot open file: "tests/call-with-environment-variables.scm" r1b defect major someday extensions
#1599 spock: failure in tests: Error: library not found: "syntax.scm" mario defect major someday extensions
#125 cross-chicken should prefer loading uncompiled import libraries defect minor 5.2 core tools
#377 STATICBUILD doesn't seem to run on cygwin defect minor unknown
#423 chicken-uninstall -s leaves unicode-char-sets in lib/chicken/5 ashinn defect minor extensions
#938 Feature Request: Load type files for units felix enhancement minor 5.2 compiler
#985 read-line blocks intermittantly on Atom based netbook kiatoa defect minor someday unknown
#1276 alist-lib alist-update!/default not useful for adding keys klutometis defect minor someday extensions
#1388 Enable clustering and lfa2 at lower optimisation levels felix enhancement minor 5.2 compiler
#1610 test duration should be printed as inexact ashinn defect minor someday extensions
#264 try setting up cross-chicken for a windows target task not urgent at all documentation
#649 deprecate and remove -compile-syntax / ##sys#enable-runtime-macros task not urgent at all compiler
#777 unix-sockets: implement FD sending and receiving felix enhancement not urgent at all extensions
#809 allow to specify argument-type enforcement in type signatures felix enhancement not urgent at all compiler
#812 Add ->list and ->boolean to core system felix enhancement not urgent at all core libraries
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