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mailbox timeouts and thread signaling

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Priority: major Milestone: someday
Component: extensions Version: 4.12.0
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There appears to be a scheduler problem in the mailbox egg. If I signal a thread waiting on mailbox-receive! with a timeout, the program hangs and csi eats all my cpu.

(use srfi-18 mailbox)

(define mbox (make-mailbox))
(define primordial (current-thread))

(define t (thread-start! (lambda ()
                           (thread-sleep! 1)
                           (thread-signal! primordial 'example))))

;; this hangs forever and eats all my cycles (with timeout)
(print (mailbox-receive! mbox 4))

;; this exits as expected with the 'example exception (no timeout)
(print (mailbox-receive! mbox))

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