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#851 sqlite3 test failure: (finalize!) unable to close due to unfinalised statements: #<sqlite3:database> Thomas Chust defect major extensions
#853 coops: redefining things breaks methods felix winkelmann defect minor extensions
#858 spiffy-request-vars' test shows "cannot write to socket - Broken pipe" at random Mario Domenech Goulart defect critical core libraries
#859 strip import specifiers defect minor expander
#860 C_in_stackp could be optimized felix winkelmann enhancement minor core libraries
#861 spock installation fails on windows felix winkelmann defect critical extensions
#862 consider adding setters for subXXXvector/substring enhancement not urgent at all core libraries
#863 transparent handling of executable file-suffix for "make" extension defect major extensions
#869 xsubstring with negative `from' argument returns empty string defect major core libraries
#870 SRFI-13's string comparison procedures return integers defect major core libraries
#872 run finalizers in a dedicated thread task minor unknown
#873 allow user types to specify argument-type enforcement felix winkelmann enhancement not urgent at all scrutinizer
#875 unicode-string in unicode-utils egg reverses character order defect minor extensions
#876 csi segfaults immediately when running this code felix winkelmann enhancement minor core tools
#885 pty egg: example doesn't work Alex Shinn defect minor extensions
#886 spatial-trees tag directory has been deleted Ivan Raikov defect major extensions
#889 irregex-match-end gives odd results with chunked searches defect major core libraries
#890 hyde doesn't do any HTML-escaping for unknown languages Moritz Heidkamp defect major extensions
#891 args egg: can't use an option called "name" Jim Ursetto defect major extensions
#898 scrutinizer gives spurious warnings when given too many type hints defect minor scrutinizer
#899 typed-records: define-record-type constructor with arguments is specialized erroneously felix winkelmann defect minor extensions
#902 coops: tiny patch for generic-procedure? defect not urgent at all extensions
#904 Unable to run "chicken-install -deploy" with srfi-19 (must be root) Kon Lovett defect minor extensions
#906 drop sdl_net support and extract sdl_image/sdl_ttf/sdl_rotozoom from sdl egg Christian Kellermann defect major extensions
#912 latch egg: test, expose and document "snap" felix winkelmann enhancement not urgent at all extensions
#913 Isolate and test patches from "lfa2" branch felix winkelmann enhancement not urgent at all compiler
#914 irc: reconnecting doesn’t cope with 433: nickname already in use felix winkelmann defect major unknown
#917 tests that rely on diff break with clang defect minor unknown
#920 irc: reconnecting due to server-side EOF broken defect major unknown
#924 Callback test fails on cygwin defect major unknown
#1391 bb library, chicken, xubuntu x86, window title is random garbled non-ascii text Alex S. defect minor unknown
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