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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#1684 programs that specify component-dependencies should build-depend on their import libraries new defect major 5.3
#1685 shell-variable in egg-compile should quote environment variables new defect major 5.3
#1688 Restore -l option for chicken-install new defect major 5.3
#1695 Exception handler bug when compiled with -O5? new defect major 5.3
#1696 mutex-lock! doesn't always lock mutex new defect major someday
#1708 genann: installation broken with CHICKEN 5.2.0 assigned dieggsy defect major someday
#1714 types.db not found on mingw32 new defect major someday
#1720 r7rs "write" procedure does not escape "invalid" symbols new defect major someday
#1721 include file install w/ CHICKEN_INSTALL_PREFIX causes duplicated install prefix in final pathname new defect major someday
#1723 exports of (chicken module) are not obvious new defect major 5.3
#1701 Egg SRFI-37 - wrong result new defect minor someday
#1702 Switch to srfi-115 new enhancement minor someday
#1705 Module names should be unique new enhancement minor 5.4
#1713 chicken-install cache doesn't respect isolation new defect minor someday
#1719 unbounded growth from parameterize new defect minor someday
#1704 Make -O3 imply -d0 new change request not urgent at all 5.3
#1712 Incorporate relevant env vars into build cachebusting, maybe new enhancement not urgent at all someday
#1718 srfi-69 egg hash-table-delete!/-merge!/remove! return type doesn't match SRFI-69 new defect not urgent at all someday
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