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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#1632 atom: failure in tests new Jim Ursetto defect major someday
#1650 Empty program will sometimes do a major GC, sometimes not - figure out why assigned sjamaan task major 5.3
#1656 Refactor TCP unit to make ipv6 work from core new enhancement major 5.3
#1667 Overhaul c-backend.scm assigned felix winkelmann enhancement major 5.3
#1716 coops + s11n malfunction new defect major someday
#1627 Negative zero literals are miscompiled new defect minor someday
#1628 hopefully: deadlock in tests new joergw defect minor someday
#1634 copy-file and move-file do not preserve permissions new defect minor someday
#1635 Include multiple times in a row 'interrupts' definitions new defect minor someday
#1639 srfi-13: string-concatenate stops when cdr is non-list new defect minor someday
#1644 Add declaration to emit types file new enhancement minor 5.3
#1666 Separate library into safe and unsafe parts new enhancement minor 5.3
#1675 Maximum heap size is limited on 64-bit machines new defect minor 5.3
#1642 replace "params" slot in nodes of intermediate representation new defect not urgent at all someday
#1657 It would be nice if glob "/*/*" worked new enhancement not urgent at all someday
#1680 henrietta ignores dotfiles new defect not urgent at all someday
#1681 TinyCC (tcc) support new enhancement not urgent at all someday
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