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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#1422 for-each behaves inconsistently when compiled versus interpreted on lists of unequal length new defect major 5.2
#1464 ir-macro-expander's compare + define-syntax + modules don't mix new defect major someday
#1466 Try to get rid of evaluated imports in generated import libraries new sjamaan enhancement major 5.2
#1475 (scrutinizer) Types for global variables are not refined by predicates new defect major 5.2
#1503 Fix dev-snapshot script new mario defect major someday
#1504 Eggs compiled with -O2 new enhancement major someday
#1513 Type declarations in modules do not namespace structs assigned defect major 5.2
#1519 salt: test failure: can't read MLB path map file new iraikov defect major someday
#1520 binary-search: test failure: (=) bad argument type - not a number: #f new defect major someday
#1548 Extra modules leak into environment when using -j new defect major 5.2
#1561 Rewrite .egg file before installation new defect major someday
#1564 srfi-18: (mutex-unlock) Internal scheduler error new defect major 5.2
#1565 file-lock/blocking failing new defect major someday
#1566 ports-tests are not testing file-lock procedures new ckeen defect major 5.2
#1574 Redefining reverse in csi makes lambda behave differently, and even segfault new defect major someday
#1586 Context-switch from GC causes infinite GC loop new defect major
#1590 xsubstring with `to' argument less than string length results in a crash new defect major
#1593 getopt-long: missing dependency on srfi-1 new iraikov defect major someday
#1596 envsubst: test failure: Error: (include) cannot open file: "tests/call-with-environment-variables.scm" assigned r1b defect major someday
#1599 spock: failure in tests: Error: library not found: "syntax.scm" assigned mario defect major someday
#1607 zlib: failure in tests new r1b defect major someday
#1615 hidden/gensymed variables are registered for export new sjamaan defect major 5.2
#1620 Some let bindings are not replaced resulting in unnecessary CPS calls new defect major 5.2
#1258 At higher optimization levels, some scrutiny warnings disappear new defect minor 5.2
#1354 Clean up the expander a bit new sjamaan task minor 5.2
#1370 Build-dependencies between import libraries and core units don't seem to be completely right new defect minor 5.2
#1383 Add unexport form for modules new enhancement minor someday
#1388 Enable clustering and lfa2 at lower optimisation levels assigned felix enhancement minor 5.2
#1436 Don't disable inline file generation with -O5 (disable-interrupts) new change request minor someday
#1476 (scrutinizer) Should global types be smashed in local contexts? new task minor 5.2
#1491 ##sys#expand-multiple-values-assignment works for some reason new defect minor someday
#1492 egg format: `components' accepts but ignores `csc-options' new defect minor someday
#1541 Use reentrant library functions, if available new defect minor someday
#1544 apropos duplicate symbol-module-macro in output accepted kon defect minor someday
#1551 Review of code examples in C5 manual needed new defect minor someday
#1582 List of available eggs in RSS format contain incomplete URLs new defect minor someday
#1605 Display compiler warnings for macros with missing imports new enhancement minor someday
#1606 Add code to lfa2 for extinguishing SRFI-4 predicates new enhancement minor 5.2
#1619 Specialization ignores fixnum mode, leading to suboptimal code new defect minor 5.2
#1621 support disjoint keyword apropos new kon defect minor someday
#1351 syntax-rules has difficulty handling ellipsis in some cases? new sjamaan defect not urgent at all someday
#1384 Simplify resolution of include/extend/types/inline/extension files new enhancement not urgent at all someday
#1439 Add switch to csi to set initial module new enhancement not urgent at all someday
#1445 Support parameterised hash table type declarations new enhancement not urgent at all someday
#1446 Implement contravariant type checking for procedure types new enhancement not urgent at all 5.2
#1471 [types] Enforce parameter types on specialization new enhancement not urgent at all someday
#1540 Used heap reported by memory-statistics is too big after heap resize new defect not urgent at all 5.2
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