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linking tests fail when "make check" is run without installing first

Reported by: evhan Owned by:
Priority: major Milestone: 5.0
Component: compiler Version: 5.0.0
Keywords: csc, tests, linker, make Cc:
Estimated difficulty: easy


This is similar to #1347, but the failure occurs during the linking tests due to the use of an absolute path to libchicken.a. When running "make check" without a "make install", that file doesn't exist:

/home/evhan/src/chicken/chicken-core-chicken-5/tests/../chicken 'linking-tests.scm' -output-file 'linking-tests.c' -static -verbose -include-path /home/evhan/src/chicken/chicken-core-chicken-5/tests/.. -uses reverser -emit-link-file
'gcc' 'linking-tests.c' -o 'linking-tests.o' -c  -fno-strict-aliasing -fwrapv -DHAVE_CHICKEN_CONFIG_H -DC_ENABLE_PTABLES -Os -fomit-frame-pointer -I/home/evhan/src/chicken/chicken-core-chicken-5/tests/.. -I/home/evhan/.chicken/chicken-5-load-module/include/chicken
rm linking-tests.c
'gcc' 'reverser.o' 'linking-tests.o' -o 'linking-tests' -L/home/evhan/src/chicken/chicken-core-chicken-5/tests/.. -L/home/evhan/.chicken/chicken-5-load-module/lib  -Wl,-R'/home/evhan/.chicken/chicken-5-load-module/lib' /home/evhan/.chicken/chicken-5-load-module/lib/libchicken.a -lm -ldl
gcc: error: /home/evhan/.chicken/chicken-5-load-module/lib/libchicken.a: No such file or directory

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Fixed a while ago, with 8b2d3e765cb9644ea6c6ee6c9d9db1dc6da6d0b8

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