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#793 srfi-69 hash tables don't compare equal? sjamaan defect critical 4.9.0 unknown
#975 Segmentation fault when accessing/setting moderately large SRFI-4 vectors defect critical 4.9.0 compiler
#1230 spatial-trees and kd-tree both install the same files ( and Ivan Raikov defect critical someday extensions
#1273 (use cairo) results in Error: (load) during expansion of (import ...) - unable to load compiled module defect critical 4.11.0 core libraries
#1278 Assertion failure on Debian/macppc with clang defect critical 4.11.0 unknown
#1421 problems with building json egg in c5 egg repo defect critical 5.0 expander
#1834 Append-map sideeffects defect critical someday extensions
#20 compiled executables ignore CHICKEN_INCLUDE_PATH defect major core libraries
#181 Problems installing eggs on Mac OS X with Chicken 4.3.7 defect major compiler
#202 Documentation for pandora requires extra eggs and a non-existent file Thomas Chust defect major extensions
#406 sql-de-lite: `close-database' throws `Error: bad argument type - not a structure of the required type #<lru-node>' Jim Ursetto defect major 4.9.0 extensions
#426 s11n deserialize fails sometimes defect major 4.9.0 extensions
#440 'Error: stack overflow' error in unexpected situation defect major 4.9.0 core libraries
#463 undefined reference to `C_chicken_syntax_toplevel' compiling experimental branch defect major 4.9.0 build system
#467 Buidling uri-generic fails with a segfault in chicken felix winkelmann defect major 4.9.0 unknown
#468 MAGIC-LIMIT is undefined in lookup-table Kon Lovett defect major 4.9.0 extensions
#490 csc's failing to compile (OS X) defect major 4.9.0 core tools
#517 Strange segfaults when linking to pthreads felix winkelmann defect major 4.9.0 core libraries
#581 cvjm needs shell felix winkelmann defect major 4.9.0 extensions
#611 lzma tests segfaults on its tests alaricsp defect major 4.9.0 unknown
#679 contracts tests taking too long to finish juergen defect major extensions
#710 tokyocabinet egg needs to add /usr/local/{lib,include} to build flags on OpenBSD Alex Shinn defect major 4.9.0 extensions
#734 Numbers egg ignores #e and #i defect major 4.9.0 unknown
#780 locale egg fails when TZ is "UTC" Kon Lovett defect major extensions
#781 csc -c++ produces executables that hang under Mac OS X Ivan Raikov defect major build system
#794 on 32bit systems srfi-4 make- procedures fail where make-vector succeeds Christian Kellermann defect major 4.9.0 core libraries
#889 irregex-match-end gives odd results with chunked searches defect major core libraries
#998 uri->string / make-uri path encoding inconsistencies sjamaan defect major someday unknown
#1006 cygwin master make check fails with address space needed by '' (0x2D0000) is already occupied defect major someday unknown
#1011 float and double foreign-lambdas return wrong values defect major someday unknown
#1067 Variable set! in signal handler is optimised away in other code. defect major 4.9.0 unknown
#1127 dynamic wind in its own thread defect major someday unknown
#1140 Build failure on OS X 10.6.8 defect major someday build system
#1189 string-substitute \NUM syntax with preceding backslashes defect major 4.11.0 extensions
#1306 The body of a syntax definer should be allowed to be a macro call defect major someday unknown
#1319 check-errors egg installation in GuixSD defect major someday extensions
#1326 load then import of module inside eval fails to find module defect major someday unknown
#1328 (import (only ...)) strange behaviour defect major someday unknown
#1380 make check fails on Alpine Linux ppc64le defect major someday compiler
#1418 #e1e500 is not exact (numbers egg, possibly Chicken 5 as well) defect major 5.0 unknown
#1430 local binding should not trigger scrutinizer warning defect major 5.0 scrutinizer
#1444 Chicken will not build from tarball if contents are placed in version control and then retrieved defect major someday build system
#1494 Indirect exports with (export (foo bar)) style are not working defect major 5.1 compiler
#1535 The installed-files egg specification option is undocumented defect major 5.0 documentation
#1640 test defect major someday unknown
#1641 another test defect major someday unknown
#1643 Crash in csi "report" defect major 5.2 core tools
#1651 Non-toplevel define error in C5 foof-loop defect major 5.2 expander
#1663 "make check" fails on mingw-msys on repository search path test defect major 5.2 core libraries
#1699 load-verbose doesn't actually load defect major 5.3 core libraries
#1760 IR-transformer not implicitly renaming? defect major someday unknown
#1804 compare doesn't compare if name is already bound defect major someday expander
#341 string-split only considers the first character of delimiter-string defect minor unknown
#354 replace wiki2html script in core with the one in maintenance felix winkelmann task minor core libraries
#374 make spotless doesn't remove cygchicken-0.dll and libchicken.dll.a felix winkelmann defect minor 4.9.0 build system
#433 #!key args not assigned when |eval| called on compiler output defect minor 4.9.0 unknown
#460 coops: anonymous classes can't be used as metaclasses felix winkelmann defect minor 4.9.0 extensions
#483 license information in dependency graph for salmonella report Mario Domenech Goulart enhancement minor infrastructure
#493 set! returns its value when compiled defect minor 4.9.0 compiler
#544 xlib: bindings for xsegment, xpoint, xrectangle, xarc defect minor 4.9.0 extensions
#662 contracts tests error: unbound variable `filter' juergen defect minor extensions
#700 requiring uncompiled extensions that use `use' fails sjamaan defect minor 4.9.0 compiler
#879 Tests: Assert failure in library-test.scm on MinGW defect minor 4.9.0 unknown
#969 cond/case: warn if "else" clause is followed by other clauses enhancement minor someday expander
#1391 bb library, chicken, xubuntu x86, window title is random garbled non-ascii text Alex S. defect minor unknown
#1490 csi: Modules leak identifiers defect minor someday unknown
#1751 repl#quit should invoke exit-handler in csi defect minor 5.3 core tools
#1083 cannot import procedure from one egg during macro expansion in another egg. defect not urgent at all someday compiler
#1284 Incorrect Expansion of => Clauses with Literals in Cond defect not urgent at all someday expander
#1556 Make inline files less expanded for the scrutinizer enhancement not urgent at all someday compiler
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