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#1041 -d0 causes different application behavior defect critical 4.8.x fixed
#1221 Large / many constants cause segfaults defect critical 4.9.x fixed
#1277 Crash on Mac OS X defect critical 4.10.x fixed
#1278 Assertion failure on Debian/macppc with clang defect critical 4.10.x invalid
#1285 parameterize doesn't restore current-{input,output,error}-port correctly defect critical 4.10.x fixed
#1115 Potentially bogus scrutinizer warning "expected in `let' binding of `x' a single result, but were given 3 results" defect major 4.8.x wontfix
#1120 apply-tests failure on OpenBSD 5.4 (x86-64, clang 3.3) defect major 4.9.x fixed
#1181 memory corruption when user-interrupts and tcp defect major 4.9.x fixed
#1199 lolevel check error on NetBSD defect major 4.10.x fixed
#1213 try-compile doesn't clean up tempfiles defect major 4.9.x fixed
#1274 read-all receiving #<unspecified> unless preceded by a predicate defect major 4.10.x fixed
#1110 chicken-install fails incorrectly when egg does not exist defect minor 4.8.x fixed
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