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`display' issue with UTF-8

Reported by: Mario Domenech Goulart Owned by:
Priority: major Milestone: someday
Component: core libraries Version: 4.12.0
Keywords: display, ##sys#print, utf8 Cc:
Estimated difficulty: hard


I received a bug report against awful (, but the issue seems to be related to CHICKEN.

Here's a smaller test case to illustrate the problem:

$ cat test.scm

  (chicken (use utf8))
  (else #f))

(let ((chars (string->list "出")))
  (display "<html><head><meta charset=\"utf-8\"/></head>")
  (display chars)
  (display "<br>")
  (display "(")
  (display (car chars))
  (display ")")
  (display "</html>"))

To see the problem:

$ csi -s test.scm > chicken-out.html
$ firefox chicken-out.html

It seems that display is messing up at printing the list containing the UTF-8 char.

Gauche does the right thing:

$ gosh test.scm > gauche-out.html
$ firefox gauche-out.html

The two output files differ, of course:

$ cmp gauche-out.html chicken-out.html
gauche-out.html chicken-out.html differ: byte 44, line 1

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comment:1 Changed 3 years ago by Kooda

That’s just because CHICKEN strings are byte strings, not utf-8 strings.

(use utf8) at the top of the file should solve the issue here.

EDIT: whow, my eyes can’t see. Ignore this.

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comment:2 Changed 3 years ago by sjamaan

Estimated difficulty: hard
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