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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1556 Make inline files less expanded for the scrutinizer enhancement not urgent at all someday compiler
#1563 Renaming issue with "the" defect major 5.1 expander
#1565 file-lock/blocking failing defect major someday core libraries
#1572 read/write invariance of #! is violated defect major 5.1 core libraries
#1575 utf8-srfi-13-string-every returns #f with empty string defect major 5.2 unknown
#1576 Keywords get encoded with leading NUL byte, breaking read-write invariance of symbols starting with a NUL byte defect minor 5.1 core libraries
#1579 spiffy does not flush output port defect major someday extensions
#1581 record-instance? from (chicken memory representation) fails in modules defect minor 5.1 core libraries
#1583 coops record-printer for instances do not work defect minor 5.1 extensions
#1584 installing srfi-13 on win8 fails (MAX_PATH is too low) defect major 5.1 core tools
#1586 Context-switch from GC causes infinite GC loop defect major 5.2 compiler
#1587 imag-part should return 0 instead of 0.0 on a flonum defect minor 5.1 core libraries
#1588 Big breakage linked to eggs’ custom-build scripts defect major 5.1 core tools
#1590 xsubstring with `to' argument less than string length results in a crash defect major someday extensions
#1592 color: installation error caused by modifications in CHICKEN defect major someday unknown
#1601 Infinite continuation loop corrupts stack(?) defect minor 5.1 unknown
#1602 POSIX permission definitions are wrong defect major 5.1 core libraries
#1604 fixnum arithmetic is ignored defect major 5.1 compiler
#1608 chicken-install checks for installed files even when -n is passed defect minor 5.1 core tools
#1614 define-foreign-type is broken inside modules defect critical 5.1 expander
#1617 Add -D/-feature to chicken-install enhancement minor 5.1 core tools
#1618 srfi-18 types file is incorrect in 5.1 defect major 5.1 extensions
#1620 Some let bindings are not replaced resulting in unnecessary CPS calls defect major 5.2 compiler
#1624 Flonum unboxing too agressive defect critical 5.2 compiler
#1626 +inf.0 inserted literally into C code in some situations with -O3 and above defect major 5.2 compiler
#1627 Negative zero literals are miscompiled defect minor 6.0.0 unknown
#1630 Optimizer sometimes incorrectly drops procedure arguments defect major 5.2 compiler
#1631 srfi-13 string-pad segfaults when arguments are not of the right type defect major 5.2 extensions
#1637 Build fails on Debian/armel defect critical 5.2 core libraries
#1638 Signal handling and parameters defect major 5.3 unknown
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