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#1794 (r7rs) syntax-rules doesn't allow combining ellipsis and dotted tail new defect major 5.4
#1796 Allow type definitions to be exported. new enhancement major someday
#1800 chicken-install fails installing eggs when encountering truncated/empty .egg-info files new defect major someday
#1803 Avoid getrusage system calls in GC new defect major 5.4
#1807 with-input-from-string scsh-process new enhancement major someday
#1795 Types for srfi-69 egg new defect minor someday
#1798 No promise type. new defect minor someday
#1801 parley constructs an internally inconsistent input port new defect minor someday
#1802 chicken-install doesn't update outdated cached eggs new defect minor someday
#1805 `html->sxml` with escaped quotes breaks text into multiple nodes assigned Alex Shinn defect minor someday
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