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#1346 define-external variables can't be exported new defect major someday
#1350 Static linking is broken on Solaris new defect major someday
#1353 posix-semaphore egg won't build on OS X: uses deprecated API assigned dleslie defect major someday
#1355 define strips hygiene from defined identifiers at top-level new defect major someday
#1372 mailbox timeouts and thread signaling assigned kon defect major someday
#1374 `display' issue with UTF-8 new defect major someday
#1381 The windows feature should not be set on Cygwin accepted felix defect major 5.0
#1389 case-lambda expects 2 arguments new defect major someday
#1397 s11n4j depends on `numbers', but doesn't specify it as a dependency new andyjpb defect major someday
#1403 bytestructures: reference to possibly unbound identifiers `r6rs.bytevectors' and `quote' new retroj defect major someday
#1404 aima: Error: (match) during expansion of (make-debug-environment ...) - no matching pattern new klutometis defect major someday
#1410 internet-message (tests): Error: call of non-procedure: #<unspecified> new iraikov defect major someday
#1411 ssql-record (tests): Error: unbound variable: test-table-rec-update (and other failures/errors) new arthurmaciel defect major someday
#1412 msgpack (tests): Error: segmentation violation new hugoarregui defect major someday
#1416 chunk-vector: many unbound identifiers new pluizer defect major someday
#1417 ploticus: Error: unable to figure out location of libploticus new iraikov defect major someday
#1428 Embedded test triggers invalid read in Valgrind and asan new defect major 4.13.0
#1429 "make check" requires installing first new defect major 5.0
#1348 improvement to manual pages new defect minor someday
#1365 bitwise-not returns wrong values on non-negative arguments new defect minor someday
#1371 locative table is only grown, never shrunk new defect minor 5.1
#1379 Improve "heap-shrinkage" rate new defect minor someday
#1382 sql-de-lite ignores new versions of sqlite3 on Cygwin new zbigniew defect minor someday
#1407 salt (tests): cannot open file - No such file or directory: "tests/vdp.sml" new iraikov defect minor someday
#1425 and-let* is not 100% compatible with SRFI-2 new defect minor someday
#1427 gochan's test failure new kristianlm defect minor someday
#1387 Nicer formatting of the foreign-lambda result new enhancement not urgent at all someday
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