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#779 hyde: support trailing slashes on directories new defect major
#1095 AD egg compilation fails due to unsupported gcc flag on OpenBSD-current new defect major someday
#1238 mw (tests): openssl egg is needed for HTTPS new tonysidaway defect major someday
#1397 s11n4j depends on `numbers', but doesn't specify it as a dependency new andyjpb defect major someday
#1449 Chicken fails to install when built statically new defect major someday
#1454 process-wait does not function corrently with nohang on Windows new defect major someday
#1465 get-keyword fails to operate correctly if keywords in first and second arguments come from different environments new defect major someday
#1566 ports-tests are not testing file-lock procedures new ckeen defect major 5.2
#1593 getopt-long: missing dependency on srfi-1 new iraikov defect major someday
#1596 envsubst: test failure: Error: (include) cannot open file: "tests/call-with-environment-variables.scm" assigned r1b defect major someday
#1597 dbus 0.96: installation failure new ecloud defect major someday
#1148 Fix setup-helper usage in eggs new defect minor someday
#1379 Improve "heap-shrinkage" rate new enhancement minor 5.2
#1382 sql-de-lite ignores new versions of sqlite3 on Cygwin new zbigniew defect minor someday
#1388 Enable clustering and lfa2 at lower optimisation levels assigned felix enhancement minor 5.2
#1470 Should -analyze-only imply -specialize? new task minor 5.2
#1523 srf-113 0.9: test failure: unbound variable: hash-table-exists? new DeeEff defect minor someday
#1610 test duration should be printed as inexact assigned ashinn defect minor someday
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