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#237 new enhancement

extend chicken-install functionality

Reported by: felix winkelmann Owned by:
Priority: not urgent at all Milestone:
Component: core tools Version: 4.5.0
Keywords: chicken-install Cc:
Estimated difficulty: medium


Stephen Eilert suggested the following:

-update-all: this would update all installed eggs to their newest versions.

-outdated: Instead of blindly updating, you'd be able to check which
eggs are out-of-date

-list [name]: This would query the eggs available, preferably with a
quick summary (similar to the current eggs page). The optional name
argument would allow a filter.

-stale: Got the idea from rubygems. It would basically list the local
eggs with their last atime. Might be helpful for when we reach a
thousand gems ;)

Change History (2)

comment:1 Changed 10 years ago by felix winkelmann

A plain chicken-install -list has now been implemented in the "experimental" branch [fddf8a7c1].

comment:2 Changed 5 years ago by sjamaan

Estimated difficulty: medium
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