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#1702 new enhancement

Switch to srfi-115

Reported by: sjamaan Owned by:
Priority: minor Milestone: someday
Component: core libraries Version: 5.2.0
Keywords: regexp, irregex, srfi-115 Cc:
Estimated difficulty: medium


We're currently using the irregex library, but srfi-115 is probably better-maintained as it's officially part of Chibi. Also it's standardized, which is always nice.

As I understand it, SRFI-115 has complete feature parity with Irregex, including DFA compilation of submatches and full SRE support. However, IIRC there are tiny variations in the SRE dialect used by both libraries.

We should do some performance comparisons and check what the differences are. Then, if both are equally fast, provide a shim library so we can still support the irregex API as well as the srfi-115 API.

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