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#1597 dbus 0.96: installation failure new Shawn Rutledge major someday extensions
#1599 spock: failure in tests: Error: library not found: "syntax.scm" assigned Mario Domenech Goulart major someday extensions
#1607 zlib: failure in tests new Robert C Jensen major someday extensions
#1615 hidden/gensymed variables are registered for export new sjamaan major someday expander
#1621 apropos support disjoint keyword new Kon Lovett minor someday extensions
#1628 hopefully: deadlock in tests new joergw minor someday extensions
#1632 atom: failure in tests new Jim Ursetto major someday extensions
#1634 copy-file and move-file do not preserve permissions new minor someday core libraries
#1635 Include multiple times in a row 'interrupts' definitions new minor someday expander
#1669 9p: wrong test directory assigned sjamaan minor someday extensions
#1670 address-info: wrong test directory assigned Thomas Chust minor someday extensions
#1671 aes: wrong test directory assigned Alaric Snell-Pym minor someday extensions
#1672 crypto-tools: wrong test directory assigned Alaric Snell-Pym minor someday extensions
#1673 srfi-99: wrong test directory assigned Thomas Chust minor someday extensions
#1674 tweetnacl: wrong test directory assigned Thomas Chust minor someday extensions
#1685 shell-variable in egg-compile should quote environment variables assigned evhan major someday core libraries
#1696 mutex-lock! doesn't always lock mutex new major someday unknown
#1701 Egg SRFI-37 - wrong result new minor someday extensions
#1714 types.db not found on mingw32 new major someday unknown
#1716 coops + s11n malfunction new major someday extensions
#1719 unbounded growth from parameterize new minor someday core libraries
#1726 chicken.base#implicit-exit-handler reporting segmentation violation with non-default heap size new minor someday core libraries
#1728 chicken-install postgresql fails on Windows new major someday unknown
#1729 [fmt egg]: Num fails with numbers near 0 assigned foof major someday extensions
#1731 Lowdown some minor issues assigned Moritz Heidkamp not urgent at all someday extensions
#1739 math: failure in tests assigned Diego minor someday extensions
#1740 ephem: failures in tests (on 32bit systems) assigned rca minor someday extensions
#1745 apropos doesn't report macros assigned Kon Lovett major someday extensions
#1752 spiffy-cgi-handlers: infinite redirect with cgit 'about' page new major someday extensions
#1759 Module system weirdness new major someday unknown
#1769 Svn-client egg: changes needed to build under musl assigned Peter Bex minor someday extensions
#1775 fuse tests hang assigned evhan minor someday extensions
#1778 Typo or incorrect export in fmt egg assigned Alex Shinn minor someday extensions
#1780 wishlist: support keywords in coops (make <class> ...) form new major someday extensions
#1784 Modify chickadee to say what module an identifier is in new major someday documentation
#1792 Some eggs install into system /share and /bin (even when CHICKEN_INSTALL_REPOSITORY is set); this fails when the directory is RO new major someday unknown
#1795 Types for srfi-69 egg new minor someday extensions
#1801 parley constructs an internally inconsistent input port new minor someday extensions
#1805 `html->sxml` with escaped quotes breaks text into multiple nodes assigned Alex Shinn minor someday extensions
#1808 Srfi-42 index keyword hygiene new major someday extensions
#1810 ezd man page not installed new major someday unknown
#1814 OS X / PowerPC failing test: remainder return -0.0 new minor someday unknown
#1815 (chicken irregex): Use condition kinds new major someday core libraries
#1816 srfi-41: stream-match discards multiple values new minor someday extensions
#1818 Exporting a macro inhibits compiled program from locating libraries new major someday compiler
#1829 CHICKEN nixos package is incorrectly configured new major someday build system
#1832 Exported syntaxes are not fully hygienic new major someday compiler
#1833 inaccuracy in exponential functions new minor someday unknown
#1835 Error in the utf8 egg's substring=? reopened siiky major someday extensions
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