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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#1351 syntax-rules has difficulty handling ellipsis in some cases? new defect not urgent at all someday expander
#1354 Clean up the expander a bit new task minor 6.0.0 expander
#1466 Try to get rid of evaluated imports in generated import libraries new enhancement major 6.0.0 compiler
#1611 Restructure checks for inlinable intrinsics new enhancement major 6.0.0 compiler
#1615 hidden/gensymed variables are registered for export new defect major someday expander
#1145 Issue with matchable and the module system assigned defect major someday extensions
#1669 9p: wrong test directory assigned defect minor someday extensions
#1824 Change locatives representation assigned enhancement minor 6.0.0 core libraries
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