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#949 Building from tarball broken on Windows felix winkelmann defect critical 4.8.x fixed
#412 Compiler flag -fwrapv is not known to GCC 3.3.5 felix winkelmann defect major 4.6.x fixed
#462 commit e6c87a718936b070ce8983f0e95cbead7959629c not BSD-compatible felix winkelmann defect major 4.6.x fixed
#463 undefined reference to `C_chicken_syntax_toplevel' compiling experimental branch defect major 4.6.x invalid
#848 non-cross chickens don't take PROGRAM_PREFIX and PROGRAM_SUFFIX into account when referencing libchicken defect major 4.7.x fixed
#877 tests/signal-tests.scm hangs sometimes defect major 4.8.x fixed
#907 signal-tests.scm hangs when port is already in use defect major 4.8.x fixed
#942 make install uses user's umask defect major 4.8.x fixed
#979 chicken.h wrongly assumes that __x86_64__ implies 64 bits defect major 4.8.x fixed
#1057 CHICKEN's tests should not require installing CHICKEN before running defect major 4.8.x fixed
#1117 Make sure the html files for the manual get generated and included in tarballs defect major 4.8.x fixed
#371 import libraries are built with HOST_... settings in rules.make felix winkelmann defect minor 4.6.x fixed
#374 make spotless doesn't remove cygchicken-0.dll and libchicken.dll.a felix winkelmann defect minor 4.6.x invalid
#438 clean target removes generated setup-api DISTFILEs defect minor 4.6.x fixed
#595 Applying PROGRAM_PREFIX/SUFFIX to libchicken may not be correct for cross-chicken felix winkelmann defect minor 4.7.x fixed
#923 Make check fails on OpenBSD 5.1 with 4.8.0rc3 defect minor 4.8.x fixed
#965 'test -e' is not supported on Solaris sh mikele defect minor 4.8.x fixed
#970 Missing library (-lrt) in Makefile.solaris mikele defect minor 4.8.x fixed
#1052 csc assumes install_name_tool is in the path defect minor 4.8.x fixed
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