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#1426 test-finalizers may break in interpreted mode when importing posix felix winkelmann defect major 5.0.0 worksforme
#1609 chicken.file.posix#file-type should accept a port Robert C Jensen defect not urgent at all 5.0.0 fixed
#1077 Symbols containing newlines don't get quoted by write sjamaan defect major 4.8.x fixed
#1442 file-copy in compiled code causes segfaults sjamaan defect major 4.13.0 fixed
#1467 Bare hashes cause confusing error message in scripts sjamaan enhancement minor 5.0.0 fixed
#806 DSSSL extended lambda lists are unhygienic defect minor 4.7.x fixed
#1318 Add peak (and average?) memory usage to `time` macro defect not urgent at all 4.11.0 fixed
#1365 bitwise-not returns wrong values on non-negative arguments defect minor 4.12.0 wontfix
#1428 Embedded test triggers invalid read in Valgrind and asan defect major 4.12.0 fixed
#1572 read/write invariance of #! is violated defect major 5.0.0 fixed
#1576 Keywords get encoded with leading NUL byte, breaking read-write invariance of symbols starting with a NUL byte defect minor 5.0.0 fixed
#1581 record-instance? from (chicken memory representation) fails in modules defect minor 5.0.0 fixed
#1587 imag-part should return 0 instead of 0.0 on a flonum defect minor 5.0.0 wontfix
#1602 POSIX permission definitions are wrong defect major 5.0.0 fixed
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