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#962 Cygwin can't load Chicken units properly on my system defect major 4.8.x worksforme
#1195 ,q in csi gives an error sjamaan defect major fixed
#1257 out-of-memory sometimes causes infinite loop defect major 4.10.x fixed
#1418 #e1e500 is not exact (numbers egg, possibly Chicken 5 as well) defect major 4.12.0 invalid
#1456 Get rid of chicken.posix import library defect major 4.13.0 fixed
#1098 Remove the apply limit wrt the number of arguments defect minor 4.8.x fixed
#1156 compiler warnings when import specifiers are used for setup-api and setup-download defect minor 4.9.x fixed
#1356 trace buffer unnecessarily holds on to thread objects felix defect minor 4.12.0 fixed
#1363 when compiled, set! will clobber previous lambda-info's defect minor fixed
#1387 Nicer formatting of the foreign-lambda result enhancement not urgent at all 4.12.0 fixed
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