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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1756 module system segfaulting at O3 defect critical unknown 5.2.0
#1185 wrong sorting example for topological-sort defect major core libraries 4.9.x
#1638 Signal handling and parameters defect major unknown 5.1.0
#1650 Empty program will sometimes do a major GC, sometimes not - figure out why sjamaan task major core libraries 5.1.0
#1689 Segfault when calling the procedure bound in a named let with wrong number of arguments defect major compiler 5.2.0
#1690 Specializations using "and" (and/or other macros) don't work properly defect major unknown 5.2.0
#1703 Arguments being passed to procedure incorrectly sjamaan defect major compiler 5.2.0
#1725 Chicken 5 accepts 2-argument log function, but the type database does not. defect major unknown 5.2.0
#1727 chicken-install srfi-18 fails on Windows defect major unknown 5.2.0
#1730 scheme#numerator and scheme#denominator call unbound procedure for non-finite flonums defect major core libraries 5.2.0
#1734 r7rs bytevector syntax incorrectly reads second passed expression as bytevector body defect major extensions 5.2.0
#1757 Reexport behaving inconsistently defect major unknown 5.2.0
#1758 Rest-argument optimization related internal compiler error defect major compiler 5.2.0
#1771 Except specificier in imports defect major unknown
#1772 importing the same module over and over eats up more and more memory defect major unknown 5.2.0
#1540 Used heap reported by memory-statistics is too big after heap resize megane task minor core libraries 5.0.0
#1644 Add declaration to emit types file evhan enhancement minor compiler 5.1.0
#1675 Maximum heap size is limited on 64-bit machines defect minor core libraries 5.1.0
#1687 installation may produce *.defaults version mismatch defect minor unknown 5.2.0
#1713 chicken-install cache doesn't respect isolation defect minor core tools 5.2.0
#1733 set-sharp-read-syntax! has an incorrect type annotation in types.db defect minor core libraries 5.2.0
#1768 Wrong macro added to chicken-config.h in Makefile.cross-linux-mingw defect minor build system 5.2.0
#1787 current-user-id setter from (chicken process-context posix) maybe needs some argument validation defect minor core libraries 5.2.0
#1686 egg install scripts don't have to rm before install enhancement not urgent at all core libraries 5.2.0

Resolution: invalid (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1699 load-verbose doesn't actually load defect major core libraries 5.2.0
#1751 repl#quit should invoke exit-handler in csi defect minor core tools 5.2.0
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