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#362 Official CHICKEN capitalization task major unknown 4.8.x
#878 expected results for SRFI-13's make-kmp-restart-vector defect major core libraries 4.7.x
#1094 define-inline does not respect inline-limit evhan defect major compiler 4.8.x
#1135 string-copy! bug defect major core libraries 4.9.x
#1136 move-memory! bug similar to #1135 defect major core libraries 4.9.x
#1202 normalize-pathname expands paths started with dot-slash-slash wrongly. evhan defect major core tools 4.9.x
#819 file-mkstemp on windows is broken defect minor core libraries 4.7.x
#823 arithmetic-shift fails in extreme cases defect minor core libraries 4.7.x
#971 move C_path_to_executable out of chicken.h evhan enhancement minor core libraries 4.8.x
#1079 Implement pathname-expand defect minor extensions 4.8.x
#1101 reverse-list->string is not provided by srfi-13 (but by library.scm instead) defect minor core libraries 4.8.x
#1109 chicken-install retrieve creates a directory even if the egg doesn't exist defect minor core tools 4.8.x
#1153 Behavior of normalize-pathname on the root directory defect minor core libraries 4.9.x
#1198 Allow `the` to override inferred types enhancement minor scrutinizer 4.9.x
#986 (define ++ string-append) defeats constant-folding evhan enhancement not urgent at all compiler 4.8.x
#1085 srfi-1's list= and lset procedures don't check their first arguments defect not urgent at all core libraries 4.8.x
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