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#1719 unbounded growth from parameterize new make-parameter parameterize defect minor
#1720 r7rs "write" procedure does not escape "invalid" symbols new defect major
#1721 include file install w/ CHICKEN_INSTALL_PREFIX causes duplicated install prefix in final pathname new defect major
#1723 exports of (chicken module) are not obvious new defect major
#1726 chicken.base#implicit-exit-handler reporting segmentation violation with non-default heap size new defect minor
#1728 chicken-install postgresql fails on Windows new defect major
#1735 Strip away prefix when importing new enhancement minor
#1736 Incomplete SRFI-46/R7RS tail pattern support new syntax-rules srfi-46 defect minor
#1746 Improve chicken-install cyclic dependencies error new chicken-install, egg, dependency, cyclic enhancement minor
#1749 Parallelize CHICKEN core tests new tests enhancement not urgent at all
#1752 spiffy-cgi-handlers: infinite redirect with cgit 'about' page new spiffy, spiffy-cgi-handlers defect major
#1759 Module system weirdness new defect major
#1763 chicken-install should pass features defined on the command line on to the build script new change request minor
#1765 enable-warnings time-travelling shenanigans new REPL defect not urgent at all
#1770 expand1: Expand macro-form only once new enhancement not urgent at all
#1776 More scrutable bootstrapping process new enhancement minor
#1780 wishlist: support keywords in coops (make <class> ...) form new defect major
#1784 Modify chickadee to say what module an identifier is in new chickadee defect major
#1792 Some eggs install into system /share and /bin (even when CHICKEN_INSTALL_REPOSITORY is set); this fails when the directory is RO new defect major
#1793 r7rs incompatibility regarding identifier renames in macro expansion new defect major
#1794 (r7rs) syntax-rules doesn't allow combining ellipsis and dotted tail new r7rs, syntax-rules, macros defect major
#1795 Types for srfi-69 egg new types eggs defect minor
#1796 Allow type definitions to be exported. new types modules enhancement major
#1798 No promise type. new types, promises defect minor
#1801 parley constructs an internally inconsistent input port new parley port defect minor
#1803 Avoid getrusage system calls in GC new defect major
#1807 with-input-from-string scsh-process new scsh-process enhancement major
#1808 Srfi-42 index keyword hygiene new defect major
#1810 ezd man page not installed new defect major
#1811 [r7rs] 'environment' wrongly imports all symbols from r7rs module new defect major
#1812 Modules leaking define-for-syntax variables and functions new modules, syntax defect major
#1813 Test w64devkit new task major
#991 spiffy-request-vars' test fails sometimes reopened spiffy-request-vars defect major
#1005 mmap test doesn't correctly catch error situations reopened mmap ffi pointer suckage defect major
#1390 The behavior between `values` and `call/cc` is inconsistent. reopened defect minor
#1399 Scrutinizer produces incorrect procedure types after merge reopened evhan defect major
#1762 Maybe/Just Int checker in Silex compilation reopened enhancement not urgent at all
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