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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#938 Feature Request: Load type files for units felix enhancement minor compiler 4.8.x
#1513 Type declarations in modules do not namespace structs defect major core libraries 5.0.0
#125 cross-chicken should prefer loading uncompiled import libraries defect minor core tools 4.2.x
#1426 test-finalizers may break in interpreted mode when importing posix felix defect major core libraries 5.0.0

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1532 "lint mode" for csc enhancement minor core tools 5.0.0rc1
#1318 Add peak (and average?) memory usage to `time` macro defect not urgent at all core libraries 4.11.0
#1467 Bare hashes cause confusing error message in scripts sjamaan enhancement minor core libraries 5.0.0
#806 DSSSL extended lambda lists are unhygienic defect minor core libraries 4.7.x
#1494 Indirect exports with (export (foo bar)) style are not working defect major compiler 5.0.0
#1455 XDG basedir support for csi config, egg cache and maybe more change request minor core tools 5.0.0
#1545 apropos symbol-table pollution kon defect major extensions 5.0.0

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1476 (scrutinizer) Should global types be smashed in local contexts? task minor scrutinizer 5.0.0
#1475 (scrutinizer) Types for global variables are not refined by predicates defect major scrutinizer 5.0.0
#988 Add drop-prefix to import specifiers enhancement major unknown 4.8.x
#1538 Add egg component type for C code felix enhancement major extensions 5.0.0
#1537 Add unboxing pass felix enhancement minor compiler 5.0.0
#1539 Allow conditionals in egg specifications felix enhancement major extensions 5.0.0
#1258 At higher optimization levels, some scrutiny warnings disappear defect minor scrutinizer 5.0.0
#1370 Build-dependencies between import libraries and core units don't seem to be completely right defect minor build system 5.0.0
#1354 Clean up the expander a bit sjamaan task minor expander 5.0.0
#1388 Enable clustering and lfa2 at lower optimisation levels enhancement minor compiler 5.0.0
#1548 Extra modules leak into environment when using -j defect major compiler 5.0.0
#1166 Globally defining an identifier previously bound to a macro should shadow the macro fully sjamaan defect major expander
#1159 Handle -debug h without a source file defect minor core tools 4.9.x
#1131 Kill ##sys#alias-global-hook with fire defect critical unknown 4.9.x
#1563 Renaming issue with "the" defect major expander 5.0.0
#1222 Rework error handling to make it work better with non-POSIX functions enhancement major core libraries
#1470 Should -analyze-only imply -specialize? task minor compiler 4.13.0
#1077 Symbols containing newlines don't get quoted by write sjamaan defect major core libraries 4.8.x
#1450 TCP connections can cause process to hang defect major core libraries 4.13.0
#1466 Try to get rid of evaluated imports in generated import libraries sjamaan enhancement major compiler 5.0.0
#1340 Unable to compile a mathh gama instruction at or above optimize-level 3 defect minor unknown 4.11.0
#1540 Used heap reported by memory-statistics is too big after heap resize defect not urgent at all core libraries 5.0.0
#1339 char-ready? returns #f even when input is available defect minor core libraries 4.11.0
#1050 chicken-install doesn't check that dependencies installed satisfy the version constraint in the (depends ...) clause defect major core tools 4.8.x
#1286 define-constant and define-inline should shadow imported identifiers enhancement minor compiler 4.10.x
#1346 define-external variables can't be exported defect major compiler 4.12.0
#1294 define-record-printer messes with internal defines defect major expander 4.11.0
#1422 for-each behaves inconsistently when compiled versus interpreted on lists of unequal length defect major core libraries 5.0.0
#1371 locative table is only grown, never shrunk defect minor core libraries 4.12.0
#1506 module importing itself does not result in an error defect major core tools 5.0.0
#1566 ports-tests are not testing file-lock procedures ckeen defect major core libraries 5.0.0
#757 provide ##core#inline-routines for cheap SRFI-4 vector primitives felix enhancement minor compiler 4.7.x
#1564 srfi-18: (mutex-unlock) Internal scheduler error defect major extensions 5.0.0

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1399 Scrutinizer produces incorrect procedure types after merge evhan defect major scrutinizer 4.12.0
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