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#1343 Unable to create R7RS libraries which don't import quote evhan defect major unknown 4.11.0
#1403 bytestructures: reference to possibly unbound identifiers `r6rs.bytevectors' and `quote' evhan defect major extensions 4.12.0
#1428 Embedded test triggers invalid read in Valgrind and asan defect major core libraries 4.12.0
#1441 Macro keywords unexpectedly match against imported identifiers sjamaan defect major expander 4.13.0
#1442 file-copy in compiled code causes segfaults sjamaan defect major core libraries 4.13.0

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1365 bitwise-not returns wrong values on non-negative arguments defect minor core libraries 4.12.0
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