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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#931 CR: make extended syntax bindings available by default enhancement minor 4.8.x fixed
#969 cond/case: warn if "else" clause is followed by other clauses enhancement minor 4.8.x invalid
#972 check let[rec] bindings for multiple occurrences of the same variable enhancement minor 4.8.x fixed
#1121 Allow functor arguments to be optional enhancement minor 4.9.x fixed
#1284 Incorrect Expansion of => Clauses with Literals in Cond defect not urgent at all 4.9.x invalid

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#1132 Expansion of internal definitions ignores import status/redefinition of `define` et al. defect major 4.9.x
#1355 define strips hygiene from defined identifiers at top-level defect major 4.12.0
#1464 ir-macro-expander's compare + define-syntax + modules don't mix defect major 5.0.0
#1491 ##sys#expand-multiple-values-assignment works for some reason defect minor 5.0.0
#1635 Include multiple times in a row 'interrupts' definitions defect minor 5.1.0
#1061 syntax-rules should be able to automatically determine implicit exports enhancement not urgent at all 4.8.x
#1351 syntax-rules has difficulty handling ellipsis in some cases? sjamaan defect not urgent at all 5.0.0
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