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More information for the new (backwards compatible) semantics for projects.

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    2222To gain write-access to the repository, contact,
    2323or ask on the CHICKEN mailing list.
     25Each subdirectory for an egg should contain the following structure:
     27- If the author doesn't want to use the Subversion eggs' repository
     28  much, just use it to occasionally upload releases, everything should
     29  go directly under eggname.  There should be a eggname/eggname.meta
     30  file with the semantics described bellow.
     32- If the author does want to use the features provided by Subversion
     33  and make the eggs repository its main development repository, it
     34  should have the following structure:
     36    trunk/ - Contains the latest (possibly experimental/unstable)
     37    version of the code.
     39    branches/ - Contains, as subdirectories, any special branches of
     40    the code that need to be maintained apart of the trunk.
     42    tags/ - Contains special tags for the code (such as those for each
     43    release).  Once created, a tag should never change (just like a
     44    release should never change).
     46  This layout is explained in the book Version Control with Subversion
     47  and has become a standard for many projects.
     49  To make a release the following should be done (where VERSION is of
     50  the form "1.0", "1.1", etc.):
     52    svn cp eggname/trunk eggname/tags/VERSION
     53    svn ps latest VERSION eggname/tags
     55  The ps (property set) sets a Subversion property on the tags
     56  directory for the egg with the name (version) of the latest release,
     57  to make it possible for tools (eg. egg-post-commit) to find it
     58  (without requiring any intelligence to compare version numbers on
     59  their part).
     61  Note that every release must have the eggname.meta file with the semantics
     62  described bellow (and, for that reason, so should trunk/, even though nothing
     63  will read that file from there).
    2565If you make any changes and commit them to the repository, a script on the
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