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    1919; [[|AuScio]] : A simple cross-platform metal price monitor combining the qt-light, tcp and srfi-18 multi-threading eggs. The application is deployed as a native executable with Chicken's compiler.
    2020; [[|Pastiche]] : An [[/egg/awful|awful]] pasting application.  That's the software running at [[|]]
    21 ; [[playground|Chicken Playground]] : a chrooted environment for Chicken
    2221; [[/egg/chickadee|chickadee]] : a web interface to [[/egg/chicken-doc|chicken-doc]], the software that serves up our [[|online API documentation]].
    2322; [[/eggref/4/hyde|Hyde]] : A static website compiler.  This is being used by several Chicken users for their blogs and other personal sites.
    3938; [[|Hive]]: A source code manager by Kirill Lisovsky.
    4039; [[Iron Chicken]] : a Chicken-based [[Wikipedia:Internet bot|bot]] framework for [[Wikipedia:Wikipedia|Wikipedia]] and other wikis that use the [[Wikipedia:MediaWiki|MediaWiki]] software.  More generally, a project to make Chicken Scheme into a query language for MediaWiki.  To put it another way, a project to harness the power of the collaborative wiki environment as a software development platform.
     40; [[playground|Chicken Playground]] : a chrooted environment for Chicken
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