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gazette issue 21: more information about salmonella and the test infrastructure

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    198198on [[]]
    200 There is also [[|an entirely new version of Salmonella]] over at github so test that too.
     200There is also [[|an entirely new version of Salmonella]] over at github so test that too. The new version is more modular -- some features that were previously built in salmonella are now independent eggs (e.g., [[|salmonella-html-report]] and [[|salmonella-feeds]].  There's also a new egg that provides a new feature: [[|salmonella-diff]] which generates HTML output to render differences between two salmonella logs.
     202Here's short list of new salmonella features:
     204* egg lint mode: salmonella can now easily check for common egg mistakes before the code hits the egg repository.  Just run {{salmonella --this-egg}} from the egg directory
     205* a new execution mode that can significantly reduce salmonella execution times.  In this mode, salmonella won't set the temporary egg installation directory empty before installing new eggs.  While this mode won't spot egg dependencies problems, it can drastically effect the execution time
     206* a new tool to take advantage of multi-core systems ({{salmonella-epidemy}})
     207* a simple text mode log file viewer ({{salmonella-log-viewer}})
     208* [[|salmonella-html-report]] generates reverse dependencies graphs.  That can be useful to ilustrate how many eggs depend on a given egg, for example
    202211[[|Alaric Snell-Pym]] is one of the people who has been setting up a Chicken testing
    205214Egg dependencies and plans to publish them as a list of NetBSD pkgsrc packages.
     216Thanks to [[|bevuta IT GmbH]], the CHICKEN test
     217infrastructure will soon have more machines available to test the
     218CHICKEN compiler, tools and eggs.  A new salmonella environment for
     219Linux/x86-64 is currently being set up.
     221In addition to salmonella, work on the
     222[[|Chicken Playground]] project has
     223been resumed.  The Chicken Playground project provides environments
     224that can be used by tools like {{chroot}} to test CHICKEN tools and
     225eggs.  Those environments contain tools and libraries required to
     226build and test most eggs.  Currently a Linux/x86 environment is
     227available. A Linux/x86-64 environment is under development and should
     228be available soon.
     230The new test infrastructure, based on new versions of salmonella and
     231Chicken Playground and running on new platforms will probably go on
     232production during the Nuremberg hackaton.
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