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ugarit: Better use of sqlite, which will hopefully improve performance. 1.0.1 release.

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    r25506 r25521  
    799799* Everywhere I use (sql ...) to create an sqlite prepared statement,
    800800  don't. Create them all up-front and reuse the resulting statement
    801   objects, it'll save memory and time.
     801  objects, it'll save memory and time. (done for backend-fs/splitlog
     802  and backend/cache, file-cache still needs it).
    803804* Migrate the source repo to Fossil (when there's a
    815816  should be an alist which is displayed to the user in a friendly
    816817  manner, as "Key: Value\n" lines.
     819* Extend the backend protocol with a `flush` command, such that
     820  operations performed without a subsequent `flush` might not "stick" in
     821  failure cases (make `close!` have an implicit `flush`, of
     822  course). Then use this to let splitlog and cache backends buffer
     823  sqlite `INSERT`s and then spit them out in a single transaction per
     824  `flush`/`close` or when the buffer hits a determined size limit, to
     825  improve throughput.
    818827* Implement "info" admin commands for all backends, that list any
    892901## Core
     903* Log all WARNINGs produced during a snapshot job, and attach them to
     904  the snapshot object as a text file.
    894906* Clarify what characters are legal in tag names sent to backends, and
    895907  what are legal in human-supplied tag names, and check that
    11281140# Version history
    1130 * 1.1: Consistency check on read blocks by default. Removed warning
    1131   about deletions from backend-cache; we need a new mechanism to report
    1132   warnings from backends.
     1142* 1.0.1: Consistency check on read blocks by default. Removed warning
     1143  about deletions from backend-cache; we need a new mechanism to
     1144  report warnings from backends to the user. Made backend-cache and
     1145  backend-fs/splitlog commit periodically rather than after every
     1146  insert, which should speed up snapshotting a lot, and reused the
     1147  prepared statements rather than re-preparing them all the
     1148  time. BUGFIX: splitlog backend now creates log files with
     1149  "rw-------" rather than "rwx------" permissions; and all sqlite
     1150  databases (splitlog metadata, cache file, and file-cache file) are
     1151  created with "rw-------" rather then "rw-r--r--".
    11341153* 1.0: Migrated from gdbm to sqlite for metadata storage, removing the
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