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    119119-- '''plumbaroulp''', Mon Dec  1 05:36:43 2008
     123==Hosting - Dp Special offer
     128<b><font color="Red"><font color="Red"><size>"4"]<u>Dp Special offer</u></size></font></font></b></center>
     130<b><b>Disk Space</b></b>: 5000 MB ~ <font color="Red"><b>5 GB</b></font>
     131<b>Bandwdith: </b>500000 MB ~ <font color="Red"><b>500 GB</b></font>
     132<b>Latest Cpanel</b>
     133<b>24x7 Support</b>
     134<b>Website Builder with 1000's of Templates</b> <including>flash templates with no copyright link requirement]
     136<b>Semi-Annual</b>: <b><font color="Red"><font color="Red">$4.99</font></font></b> ~ $0.81/mo
     138<b>Annual</b>: <b><font color="Red"><font color="Red">$8.99</font></font></b> ~ $0.75/mo
     140Php, MySql, Cgi, Perl,
     141Unlimited Addon Domains, <Multiple>website's on single account]
     142Unlimited MySql Database,
     143Unlimited Park Domains,
     144Unlimited Subdomains,
     145Unlimited Email Accounts,
     146Unlimited Ftp Accounts,
     147FrontPage Extension,
     148Website Builder,
     149Scripts Library,
     151Web/Ftp Stats,
     152Hotlink Protection,
     153Access Logs,
     154Index Manager,
     155Ip Deny Manager,
     156Error Pages,
     157Cron Jobs,
     158Apache Handlers,
     159Leech Protect,
     160Network Tools.
     161Mime Types,
     162Image Manager,
     163<b>24/7 Customer Support, </b>
     164<b>99.9% Uptime.</b>
     167<b>Review: </b>
     168<quote>I had the most stable, secure and dirt cheap web hosting with no quality compromise. The support staff was very helpful and always quick to solve all my problems.
     169The uptime was very very good.
     170Thanks HostLuck, you deserve an 'A'
     171--- Mr. Ticheli
     173<b>Support Center</b>
     175<quote>Quick, Simple, Smart Web Hosting Support Center:
     176Quality support is our moto:
     180Dealing with our trained and competent professionals will give you a feeling of satisfaction that is hard to get these days. We can do this because our group of people have become a team that has developed a habit of helping all - each other and clients.
     182Open a support ticket, in our Support Center.</quote>
     186<b>Why this offer: </b>
     188We would like to give you a first hand experience of our quality of hosting at cheap price. We have some empty server's which need some filling.
     191<b>Cpanel Demo:</b>
     192<quote>Click the link below to experience the latest version of cpanel which is available in all hosting plans
     195Cpanel username : demo1
     197Cpanel Password : pass
     200<a href=>Cpanel Demo</a>
     202Please note that some features have been disabled on the demo version for security purpose.</quote>
     208<quote>Cheap web hosting plans
     20924x7x365 Quick, Simple and Smart support service
     21099.9% Uptime Guarantee
     211Extremely Fast Servers
     212Most updates security software and firewall
     213Free WebSite Stats
     214Cpanel and WHM Video Tutorials
     215WebSite Builder and Templates
     219<center><b><font color="Red"><size>"5"]<a href=>Order Now</a></size></font></b>
     220<font color="Red">Very Limited accounts - Choose Dp_Special - More details also included.</font></center>
     221<a href=>Support Center</a>
     222Payment Gateway: <b>Paypal</b> :)
     224Adult, Warez, proxies, leeching etc not allowed to retain the quality of hosting.
     228<a href=>All the Cheap Web hosting plans with details</a>
     230<a href=>
     231Cheap Web Hosting Plans</a>
     233<a href=>Cheap Reseller Hosting Plans</a>
     235<a href=>Cheap Semi-Dedicated Servers</a>
     237<a href=>Cheap FFmpeg Hosting Plans</a>
     239<a href=>Cheap Fully Managed Dedicated Servers</a>
     241I am a promoter for the company, if you have any questions, please use the <a href=>Support Center</a>
     243-- '''DielveVer''', Mon Dec  1 06:22:32 2008
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