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    33== About Me
    5 I'm an indie game developer.  I haven't shipped anything because I have too much passion for core technology issues.  I hope to use advanced programming languages to gain a business advantage.  I'm also into 3D graphics, AI, assembly language optimization, and build systems.  I have spent so much time trying to get open source software to work on Windows, that I have become a build systems expert!  :-)
    7 == CMake
    9 I wrote 95% of the [[|CMake]] build system for Chicken.  CMake does all the things GNU Autoconf does, but in a truly cross-platform manner.  For instance it will generate native MS Visual Studio files, whereas Autoconf - by the design and intent of its authors - will never, ever play well with MSVC.  Actually MinGW is my primary development environment, and much of the project was fixing Chicken on MinGW.  My goal was to get the build support on Windows to be first class, reliable, reproducible, and painless to use.  Eventually we want this to be true on every platform.  Once the CMake build has proven itself for awhile, we'll be getting rid of the GNU Autoconf build, which almost nobody likes.
     5I'm a nearly-complete fruitcake. I will sound rational at first but soon, instead of building anything, will obsess about flaws only I perceive in whatever tool or product a community is about. This is not because I'm incompetent and trying to avoid exposure, I can claim to have created gigantic systems of which you will never see proof of existence. I will post up to half of the messages on any mailing list in any given month, and every thread I join in will mysteriously turn into an argument about something as small and irrelevant as possible. If not evicted, I will destroy your software project.
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