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1[[tags: users]]
3== Peter Bex
5=== About me
7I'm a Schemer and Chicken core developer from the Netherlands.
9My ongoing core contributions mainly focus on keeping the in-core copy
10of the [[|irregex]] library
11up-to-date with the upstream version (of which I'm a co-maintainer),
12squashing bugs (specialty: grilled macro-transformer) and the odd
13security fix.
15Besides core, I also maintain the following eggs:
17* [[/eggref/4/postgresql|Postgresql]] - bindings to {{libpq}}.
18* [[/eggref/4/spiffy|Spiffy the webserver]].
19* [[/eggref/4/uri-generic|URI-generic]] (with [[ivan-raikov|Ivan Raikov]]) - parser for URI syntax as per RFC 3986.
21I've written the following eggs:
23* [[/eggref/4/9p|9p]] - 9p protocol implementation in pure Scheme.
24* [[/eggref/4/colorize|Colorize]] - a port of the Lisppaste colorizing code (from Common Lisp).
25* [[/eggref/4/crypt|Crypt]] - bindings for the UNIX crypt() C function, packaged with some fallback implementations.
26* [[/eggref/4/efax|Efax]] - support for their fax gateway service.
27* [[/eggref/4/epeg|Epeg]] bindings.
28* [[/eggref/4/fancypants|Fancypants]] - a ligature and quote education library for SXML.
29* [[/eggref/4/henrietta-cache|Henrietta-cache]] - a caching system for the [[/distributed-egg-repos|distributed egg repository]].
30* [[/eggref/4/http-client|HTTP-client]] - high-level HTTP client library.
31* [[/eggref/4/imlib2|Imlib2]] bindings (this has now passed into the capable hands of [[moritz-heidkamp|Moritz]]).
32* [[/eggref/4/intarweb|Intarweb]] - a more convenient HTTP library (serves as the plumbing for Spiffy and Intarweb).
33* [[/eggref/4/md5|md5]] - Scheme wrapper of a common MD5 C library.
34* [[/eggref/4/phoghorn|Phoghorn]] - an image gallery library.
35* [[/eggref/4/slatex|SLaTeX]] - Typesetting of Scheme and Lisp code with LaTeX.  This is a Chicken port of Dorai Sitaram's package.
36* [[/eggref/4/sha1|sha1]] - Scheme wrapper of a common SHA-1 C library.
37* [[/eggref/4/smsmatrix|Smsmatrix]] - support for their SMS and fax gateway service.
38* [[/eggref/4/ssql|ssql]] - "structured sql" (this too is now under [[moritz-heidkamp|Moritz]]'s care).
39* [[/eggref/4/svn-egg-author|svn-egg-author]] - Helper scripts for making egg releases with Subversion.
40* [[/eggref/4/sxml-fu|Sxml-fu]] - Some useful SXML procedures.
41* [[/eggref/4/uri-common|URI-common]] - More convenient support for parsing specific URI syntax of common protocols like HTTP.
42* [[/eggref/4/wmii|wmii]] - Scripting library for the wmii window manager.
43* [[/eggref/4/qwiki|qwiki]] (with [[ivan-raikov|Ivan Raikov]]) - The wiki engine serving the page you're currently reading.
44* [[/eggref/4/xml-rpc|XML-RPC]] - Support for the XML-RPC standard.
46And occasionally, when I feel like it or when it's really needed, I work on the following eggs.  None of these are authored by me and I'm not the official maintainer of any here either:
48* [[/eggref/4/defstruct|Defstruct]] - A convenient alternative to {{define-record}} (from Dorai Sitaram).
49* [[/eggref/4/freetds|FreeTDS]] (with Peter Danenberg) - bindings for the FreeTDS library.
50* [[/eggref/4/numbers|Numbers]] - Full numeric tower support.
51* [[/eggref/4/prometheus|Prometheus]] - a prototype-based object system with a really cool name.
52* [[/eggref/4/sendfile|Sendfile]] - send a file as quickly as possible from A to B.
53* [[/eggref/4/svn-client|SVN-client]] - Bindings for libsvn.
54* [[/eggref/4/sxml-transforms|Sxml-transforms]] - SXML transformations (from the SSAX project).
55* [[/eggref/4/sxpath|Sxpath]] - Structured XPath selectors (also from the SSAX project).
57=== Personal website
59I've set up a blog on my [[|Personal Website]]. Of course that's served with [[/egg/spiffy|Spiffy]] :)
61You can reach me through e-mail at
62{{(string-concatenate-reverse '("bex" "." "peter") "")}}, but only if you've loaded SRFI-13.
63You can also try joining {{#chicken}} on [[|Freenode]] and asking for {{sjamaan}}.
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