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1== David Krentzlin
2I'm a dayjob rubyist, free time lisper and general functional programming enthusiast.
3I believe scheme and especially chicken scheme is a very good choice for solving day to day programming problems
5== Eggs
7; [[/eggref/4/dict|dict]] : Implementation of an API to build clients for the dict protocol.
8; [[/eggref/4/chickumber|chickumber]] : In order to implement feature steps in scheme, as a chickenuser, I use chickumber to do so :)
9; [[/eggref/4/log5scm|log5scm]] : logging 2.0 with tags included ;)
10; [[/eggref/4/missbehave|missbehave]] : A rspec like test-framework (deprecated)
11; [[/eggref/4/nomads|nomads]] : Database migrations for chicken
12; [[/eggref/4/sendfile|sendfile]] : (Hopefully) faster filetransfer over the wire
13; [[/eggref/4/serial|serial]] : Serialnumber arithmetic made easy
14; [[/eggref/4/simple-configuration|simple-configuration]] : Configuration with lists
15; [[/eggref/4/syslog|syslog]] : Interface to the good old unix syslog
16; [[/eggref/4/uri-dispatch|uri-dispatch]] : An a approach to ease the development of resource-based webapps
17; [[/eggref/4/versions|versions]]: A library to manage software-versions. I do currently maintain this egg.
18; [[/eggref/4/data-generators|data-generators]]: Generate random data to feed tests
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