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3== CHICKEN Scheme tutorials
5This page contains a list of tutorials we have written (or would like someone to write) about CHICKEN Scheme.
7; [[|Learn X in Y minutes, where X=CHICKEN]]: CHICKEN page for [[|]]
8; [[chickenista-guide|A guided tour through the CHICKEN republic]]: [[/Users/Christian Kellermann|Christian's]] FrOSCon 2011 talk
9; [[|JRM's Syntax-rules Primer for the Merely Eccentric]]: A famous and very friendly introduction to the R5RS high-level macro system known as {{syntax-rules}}.
10; [[|Al* Petrofky's "An Advanced Syntax-Rules Primer for the Mildly Insane"]]: A useful article to read if you wish to know the nitty-gritty details of how macro renaming works. This may help you to not only understand syntax-rules better, but will also provide a good basis for grokking explicit renaming and other macro systems.
11; [[explicit-renaming-macros|Explicit (and implicit) renaming macros]]: Introduction to "explicit (and implicit) renaming" macros, the low-level macro systems used in CHICKEN.
12; [[iup-tutor|The Iup GUI toolkit]]: Some examples for using Iup in CHICKEN.
13; [[|Macro systems and chicken (long)]]: An excellent post by [[/users/alex-shinn|Alex Shinn]], explaining different macro systems. '''Please note:''' This was written when CHICKEN 4 was not yet released, and hence refers to various different macro systems available for CHICKEN at the time. This is no longer true since CHICKEN now has [[/manual/Macros|ER- and IR-macros]] built in.
14; [[Design by Contract]]: How to use Design by Contract in CHICKEN.
15; [[Design by Contract old version]]: How to use Design by Contract in CHICKEN (old version).
16; [[Assertions]]: How to use assertions in your code as a way to detect programming errors.
17; [[Autoconf - Automake]] : A tutorial explaining how to use Autoconf and Automake  in software packages containing Scheme files meant to be compiled by CHICKEN.
18; [[Eggs Tutorial]] : A tutorial about creating CHICKEN eggs.
19; [[CHICKEN on handhelds]] : A guide to using CHICKEN on embedded devices.
20; [[Compiling CHICKEN on Windows XP with MinGW]] : For the Windows using C/C++ newbies like me.
21; [[Embedding]] : Some pointers on embedding CHICKEN in another application.
22; [[programming-for-performance|Programming for Performance]] : Felix explains which optimisations might make your code faster.
23; [[friendly-chicken|Friendly CHICKEN]] : Little guide that explains some of the pitfalls for CHICKEN starters
24; [[sdl2-android|Bootstrapping SDL2 on Android]]
25; [[records-and oop| Object Orientation with SRFI-99 records]]
26; [[|Scheme live-coding with emacs]]: Building a web application with Spiffy from an Emacs session
28=== CHICKEN Gazette Omelette Recipes
30; [[|Conditions]]: An introduction to the condition system.
32=== FFI
34; [[|Define-Foreign-Enum-Type, Typedef, and Pointers]]
35; [[|Binding Nested Structs in CHICKEN Scheme]]
36; [[|Handling callbacks into CHICKEN from other threads]]
37; [[|Wrapping simple C structs]]
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