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1== Tips and tricks
3* [[Generating the smallest possible, self-contained executable]]
4* [[Building CHICKEN for Performance]]
5* [[Using the GNU Autotools with compiled code]]
6* [[Writing portable scripts]]
7* [[Compiler or interpreter]]
8* [[Deploying Linux binaries]]
9* [[Deploying Cocoa applications]]
10* [[/editing-chicken-code|Editing CHICKEN code]]
11* [[define-record and srfi 17]]
12* [[bash completion | bash completion for chicken tools]]
13* [[Vim mode for .ssp files]]
14* [[Allocating C structures under control of the CHICKEN GC]]
15* [[/building-chicken-with-macos-x|Building CHICKEN with MacOS X]]
16* [[Running csi on Cygwin]]
18== Code snippets
20* [[/chicken-invaders-with-continuations|CHICKEN Invaders, with Continuations]]
21* [[A script to browse the HTML manual]]
22* [[An extended FFI example]]
23* [[Python-like generators]]
24* [[Connecting to a REPL via sockets]]
25* [[Chase Sequence]]
26* [[|Sudoku Solver]]
27* [[Cocoa OpenGL]]
28* [[usual-integrations-and-let|Usual integrations and LET]]
29* [[location-and-c-string-star|location and c-string*]]
30* [[set-read-syntax-example|set-read-syntax! example]]
31* [[simple-2-dimensional-sparse-array|simple 2 dimensional sparse array example]]
32* [[drupal-xml-rpc|Connecting to a Drupal XML-RPC server]]
33* [[Wrapping simple c structs]]
34* [[Communicating over a unix socket, using the socket egg]]
35* [[|Generating random jigsaw puzzles as Scalable Vector Graphics]]
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