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1[[tags: internals]]
3== CHICKEN maintainers
5=== CHICKEN Core
7; [[/users/felix-winkelmann|Felix Winkelmann]]: CHICKEN author and core hacker
8; [[/users/peter-bex|Peter Bex]]: maintains the CHICKEN port of the {{irregex}} regular expression package by [[/users/alex-shinn|Alex Shinn]]
10=== Infastructure team
12The CHICKEN infrastructure is composed by the following sites:
14* [[]]
15* [[]]
16* [[]]
17* [[]]
18* [[]]
19* [[]]
20* [[]]
21* [[]]
23Here are the persons responsible for the CHICKEN infrastructure services:
25; [[/users/alaric-blagrave-snellpym|Alaric Snell-Pym]]: Maintainer of the [[running-an-egg-mirror|egg mirror]] at [[]]. Contact him if you have any problems with it.
26; [[/users/felix-winkelmann|Felix Winkelmann]]: Owner and maintainer of [[|]]
27; [[/users/ivan-raikov|Ivan Raikov]]: [[/egg/qwiki|Qwiki]] (the wiki system behind [[]]) developer, release manager, Freshmeat-entry maintainer
28; [[/users/jim-ursetto|Jim Ursetto]]: [[/egg/svnwiki-sxml|svnwiki-sxml]] (the wiki parser used by [[/egg/qwiki|qwiki]]) developer, [[/egg|Chickadee]] (the software behind [[|]]) developer, maintainer of the [[stability]] branch
29; [[/users/mario-domenech-goulart|Mario Domenech Goulart]]: General infrastructure and mailing lists administration, [[/egg/salmonella|Salmonella]] (the software behind [[|]]) developer
30; [[/users/moritz-heidkamp|Moritz Heidkamp]]: [[/egg/vandusen|vandusen]] (the IRC bot that runs on's #chicken) developer, developer of CSS for the CHICKEN web sites
31; [[/users/peter-bex|Peter Bex]]: [[/egg/spiffy|Spiffy]] (the HTTP server for most CHICKEN infrastructure websites) and [[/egg/qwiki|Qwiki]] (the wiki system behind [[]]) developer, owner of #chicken IRC channel on and maintainer of [[/egg/henrietta-cache|henrietta-cache]]
32; [[/users/christian-kellermann|Christian Kellermann]]: [[/egg/pastiche|Pastiche]], the service at [[|]] and [[/egg/parley|parley]] developer
33; [[/users/evan-hanson|Evan Hanson]]: Maintainer of the [[|Heroku Buildpack for CHICKEN]].
35=== CHICKEN extensions (eggs)
37Each egg has its own maintainer(s).  Check the [[/egg-index|egg index]] to see the list of available eggs and their corresponding maintainers.
39=== Past maintainers/contributors
41; [[/users/alejandro-forero-cuervo|Alejandro Forero Cuervo]]: Author and maintainer of [[|svnwiki]].
42; [[/users/arto-bendiken|Arto Bendiken]]:  Administrator of the previous CHICKEN Trac system at
43; Ashley Bone:  Maintainer of the Visual C build.
44; [[/users/elf|Elf]]: Core hacker. Owner of the chickenscheme.[org|net] and chicken-scheme.[com|org|net] domains.
45; [[/users/kon-lovett|Kon Lovett]]:  Core hacker.
46; [[/users/toby-butzon|Toby Butzon]]: Owner of the domain and provider of the documentation service at
47; [[/users/brandon-van-every|Brandon van Every]]: Maintainer of the CMake build
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